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[No Hero] 1-4: The master's safety (part 2)

Human weapons really changed quickly. Energy weapons had already surpassed silver knives and bullets as the most feared weapons by vampires. To a vampire with a later generation number, being stabbed in the heart by a silver knife or an energy blade would both result in the same thing: being rendered to dust and smoke.

But to a vampire with a lower generation number, dealing with silver knives is but a simple matter–-the heat of energy blades were what is truly hard to deal with. If a limb had been chopped off by an energy blade, the site of injury would be burned, and regenerating the limb would be much more difficult.

After activating the energy blade, the hero-in-training became more brave. He yelled harshly, "I saw your fangs; you are a vampire! Do you think I'll believe what you say?"

"So you plan on attacking. I feel regretful, very regretful."

Normally, I would not fight and only leave; I was confident that he could not catch up to me. But, Mr. Burt and his associates had already used up all of my patience. And I had already given this hero-in-training his last chance.

Although I mostly drank from a pouch of blood and only very rarely use my fangs to eat, I would not mind using them this once.

I leaped, swiftly lunging up the mountain of trash. The distance was slightly far, so I could not charge in front of him at once; I could only separate it into spurts of lunges. The hero-in-training widened his eyes, but his line of vision was always trailing after my after-image. Obviously, he could not match my speed. He panicked for a moment, then he immediately revealed a determined expression, and his modified left hand swung his energy sword so swiftly that it seemed to form a protective glowing sword web around him.

At this time, I had already reached right in front of him, and when I saw the web of swords I stopped my attack. Instead, I circled him once and checked his reaction. It looked like this hero-in-training was definitely more skilled than those earlier bodyguards. But although his reflexes were better, the blade web was slightly too big. Just with a glance, I could see several holes in the guard. After focusing on one particular weak point, my claw-like hand drilled through his web of blades and gripped his left arm.

He was startled and persistently tried to pull free from my grasp. His left arm used so much energy that it began to heat up, screeching out a sound like that of an engine overheating.

But, his left arm still could not pull free. At this time, if I had wanted to kill him, he would have been dead over one hundred times.

At the end, he finally gave up, looking at me in panic and muttering, "How can it be……How can it be……"

"Modified bodies are not as powerful as you may think," I said calmly. "You really should not have chosen me as your opponent."

I was a fifth generation vampire. To a human, the strength of the "fifth generation" was likely difficult to understand, but, if my opponent were a vampire, once he knew that I was a fifth generation vampire I suspect that the only thing that he would be thinking of would be to flee.

For over one thousand years, the closest generation of the vampires still living was the fifth generation; fourth generation vampires have already vanished into legend.

Although I was only just slightly over one hundred and fifty years old and only a child to vampires, my generation number could still scare away many vampires that were over three hundred years old.

This was also why that my being a vampire butler had brought much criticism from many vampires, yet very few have troubled me. The reason is very simple: they were not be confident that they could defeat me.

Even an over three-hundred-year-old vampire would not dare to provoke me, yet this "infant" human who had only modified his left arm, was armed with one energy blade, and was very likely less than thirty years old actually dared to bare his sword against me. I really did not know whether to laugh or to sigh.

Seeing that he still had an expression of disbelief, I simply let go of his left arm and grabbed his neck, pulling him closer, and even his mask could not hide his fear. I growled at him with the characteristic vampire growl.

It was an echoing growl that seemed to come from deep within the depths of a mountain cave.

"Child, observing and experiencing it for yourself are different. Now, can you truly understand my speed? Do you still believe that those thirty people were only killed by each other and had completely nothing to do with my own ability?"

With his neck held in my grasp, he could only furiously shake his head.

But, I really did not care about his answer; what food had to say was not important. I revealed my fangs, preparing to feed.

At this time, I suddenly let go of him, jumping apart almost instantaneously. A glowing streak of energy shot past my original position. The light beams did not pause, continuing to force me to back away continuously……And keeping me farther away from my "food".

"Please do not move. I do not want to hurt you."

The flurry of beams stopped. Naturally, I stopped as well and looked towards the source of the voice. That person stood somewhat far away and held handguns in both hands, unique in that one was an energy gun while one one was a normal, bullet-using gun. A skin-tight suit accented the curves of her female body, and she wore a black butterfly mask that concealed her face.

She spoke in a clear and light voice, "I saw everything that has happened here. You are not a criminal. I have no intention of bringing you any trouble, but I would ask for you not to hurt him."

Female hero? I said reflexively, "Solitary Butterfly?"

"Yes," she acknowledged without hesitation.

"It's really Solitary Butterfly?" My food struggled to his feet, and he yelled, "Let's join together and defeat this evil vampire!"

I must say, I really was very happy, because Solitary Butterfly did not agree and only glared at him coldly.

"Shut up. Haven't you understood the situation yet?" she said coldly. "Didn't you see that he didn't hurt them and only hit them unconscious? Also, those people, have you gotten a look at their appearance and weapons? If they are not mafia, then I'll swallow my gun……I'll swallow both of my guns!"

My food probably had not expected this type of answer. He widened his eyes, unsure of what to do.

I decided to make it clear to him what he should do. I said coldly, "Leave! Or else you are dead."

My food looked at Solitary Butterfly uncertainly. She said frostily, "Didn't you understand what the vampire said? Then I'll help say it again: Leave!"

I was starting to admire this female hero. She really was a woman with personality.

Once the food had rolled and crawled away, Solitary Butterfly automatically put away her guns then studied me. I also studied her as well.

"I apologize for disturbing your feeding. Although I also feel that he's stupid enough to die, but……" she spread her hands and said helplessly. "As you know, I'm a hero! It's not like I could have just watched him turn into a dried corpse."

I smiled and said, "No worries. One meal in exchange for a meeting with the only female hero is very worth it."

Solitary Butterfly was obviously very generous, and she automatically explained, "After seeing these thirty or so people drive over, I thought that they would definitely not be up to any good, so I followed them to investigate. But I didn't think that I would actually meet a vampire…….Is your kidnapped young master a small vampire?"

"No, he is a human. I am only the young master's butler."

"Able to hire a vampire to be his butler?" she gave a small smile. "I am starting to be very interested in your young master."

My expression changed. I immediately clarified, "The young master is only a normal human. I am a vampire with the profession of a butler."

"Is that so?" Solitary Butterfly sounded as if she did not quite believe it, but she did not remain on the topic and instead said simply. "Go look for your young master then! I hope that the next time we meet, you won't be in the middle of feeding. I have not the slightest desire to be your opponent. That type of speed really is troublesome to deal with."

"Later then, vampire butler."

After she spoke, Solitary Butterfly jumped behind the mountain of trash, and a race car came from behind…and it was also a very familiar ferrari. The window pulled down slightly, and she waved two fingers at me in goodbye before the car darted off and turned, quickly speeding away.

I must admit: when I saw the car I was slightly startled, and even a bit disappointed. I had originally thought that she would use an even more "hero-like" manner to leave. For example, like raising a hand then flying away, or taking out a remote and having a car drive over by itself, automatically open its doors, and maybe even start speaking.

Obviously, I was an old-fashioned vampire, and I had watched too many old superhero movies.

But, if humans continued to progress, perhaps someday there really would be a hero who can call over a talking car, or raise a hand and fly into the sky under the gaze of the crowd?

After all, I still have plenty of time to wait and watch.


Afterwards, I walked to the young master's university and searched in around it once. Although I chose roads and shadows where very few people walked, my attire still attracted many gazes, yet I still could not see any sign of the young master. My heart sank. Perhaps I am unemployed again.
That I am unemployed because I caused my master to be killed…Dear father, if you knew of this would you kick me out of the the world of butlers and forbid me from being a butler again? In case I bring misfortune to another of my masters?

I walked aimlessly for a while, and when I finally regained my senses enough to pay attention to my surroundings, I realized that it was already dark and that I had actually come near to the young master's house. Automatically, I raised my head to look at the room near the top of the building……

There's light! Could it be the young master?
I was so hurried that I could not bear walking normally up from the stairs. Instead, I leapt swiftly onto the wall of the building and directly darted up along the surface. With a final leap, I landed silently on the railing of the balcony, and the strong wind around the building billowed out my cape with its gusts.

I lowered my head to look. I could not help but breathe out the name of the silver-haired boy who stood on the balcony, "Young master Daren……"


The young master widened his eyes, looking at me dazedly. After a long time, he finally breathed, "Charles, you're so cool!"

Hearing this, I really was subject to a period of strengthlessness. The anxiety of the entire day vanished like smoke in this phrase.


At this time, the young master's expression turned serious. He said quietly, "You smell of blood……"

I was shocked. Oh no. I actually appeared in front of the young master wearing a bloodstained cape. If I scared him……
"That's great! Charles."

The young master revealed a pleased expression. Smiling, he said, "I had thought that you were angry and didn't want to be my butler anymore, so you left. Luckily, you were only hungry and went out to bite people."

Y-young master, it was not like that…..And, a butler getting hungry and going out to bite people cannot be described with "only."
I think that the the young master would not be startled by me. On the contrary, his baffling way of thinking continues to startle me constantly and repetitively in a short period of time.

At this time, the young master pulled on my cape. Using a piteous expression, he said, "Charles, I still haven't eaten dinner so I'm hungry, really hungry! Make me a midnight snack."

In my heart, I smiled bitterly, but I replied respectfully, "Yes. Does the young master have anything he especially wants to eat?"

He replied without hesitation, "Meat. Fried meat."


The young master's expression looked like he had been starved for three days, so I didn't even change my clothes before rushing into the kitchen to heat up a pot of oil, frying an entire pot full of chicken pieces and fries.

Not long later, I stood in the parlor, servicing the young master as he ate. As the young master ate the fried chicken, he praised, "When Charles wears a cape, he really looks like a vampire!"

Seeing the young master eating contentedly and hearing his praise, I could only smile bitterly, but I also could not help but be relieved. Ending this shocking day this way could not be better.

Then, while the young master ate I explained why I had left the house, and I also expressed my concerns that, although I had hurt and threatened them, it was not for certain that they would not come to trouble him again.

While I spoke, I could not help but become worried. Should I perhaps resign in order to better make sure of the young master's safety?
But, after the young master heard my explanation, he laughed so hard that he was almost rolling on the ground. Laughing, he said, "Charles, ah, Charles. Sometimes, you are so silly that I really wonder whether you are a vampire?"

I looked at the young master uncomprehendingly. Of course I am a vampire; I've been one since I was born.

"Haah……" The young master released a long, long sigh. It was his turn to reveal a helpless expression while he explained, "Charles, I can even lose the bodyguards that have been following me for years. Do you think that the novice followers sent by the mafia could keep up with me? So, from the beginning you did not have to go to meet with them."

Ah……I suddenly understood.

"I thought that I was already dazed enough, but I didn't think that the butler I found would be even more dazed," the young master finished helplessly. He burst out laughing again. "It's always been that other people say that I am, but now I can actually say that someone else is dazed!"

Although I had been called dazed, I could not help but laugh along with him.

"Right, don't worry about my safety, Charles. After all, I am a combat student," the young master said somewhat proudly.

I was suddenly reminded of the robbers the night of karaoke. Perhaps the bodyguards also knew of the young master's ability so they did not appear? And, I had personally witnessed the young master's shooting ability…..Perhaps I really can continue being a butler here?


After finishing supper, the young master entered the workroom as usual to modify his guns, and I also started my everyday cleaning duties.

But, it was not long before the young master called me over. He gave me a slip of paper and said, "Charles, help me buy these things: the more the better. If you can't buy it, you can find brother Kyle."

"Please wait a moment, young master."

I walked over to the tool cabinet on the side and took out a tray. Then, following the list on the slip of paper, I took items one by one from the tool cabinet and placed them neatly on top, turned, and placed the tray on the young master's work table.

I reported respectfully, "Preparations are finished, young master."

The young master stared at me with wide eyes, then lowered his head to look at the tray covered with tools as if checking to see if they were all complete. Finally, he raised his head and said in surprise, "Everything is there! But I remember that I didn't have these things before! How did you know that I needed them?"

A real butler should know what the master wants and provide it when the master needs it. Knowing that the young master would modify guns every night, as his butler naturally I should prepare all of the tools.

Only, the young master's needs were too unique, and I had needed to spend some time learning the basic knowledge of the subject before I had the ability to know what the young master would need.

Although preparing what the master needs in advance is something part of every butler's duties, this was the first time that I had done so. That is because none of my previous masters had ever considered me as a butler, so naturally I had had never had any opportunity to do so.

I replied respectfully, "Young master, Charles has always been aware of your modifying guns and realized that you would often stop in the midst of working because of missing tools. Thus, I prepared some of every tools that you may use in advance."

"Charles is so conscientious. This makes it so much more convenient!"

Very happily, he said, "In the future you can continue as well! This way I don't have the modify halfway then wait while brother Kyle sends the things over before continuing."


Seems like I will have to pay attention to information about gun modification even more diligently than before in order to fulfill the young master's needs. But, this really was not an easy matter: many parts are illegal, and some were so rare that they could not even be found in the black market. I could only use the cell phone Mr. Kyle gave me and call the number named "arms group" to request for help buying it from the person who picked up in order to finish all preparations completely.

Although the difficulty of the job had increased, my mood also rose immensely.

Even if it were the black market or even the arms group––even if it were illegal––it did not matter. The most important thing was that I was finally a real butler, and a butler's important duty was fulfilling all of the young master's needs.

The young master sat down, casually taking a tool from the tray. Just when he was about to begin the modifications, he suddenly raised his head to look at me and opened his mouth. I bent my head and said respectfully, "Young master, Charles will help you pour milk."

He revealed a surprised expression and asked curiously, "Charles, could it be that you can read minds?"

"Young master, Charles cannot," I replied honestly, the corner of my mouth almost rising. Fortunately, dear father's lessons over many years on controlling expressions was still useful.

My dear father had once told me that a real butler should seem as if they can read minds, attentively aware of the master's every move so that he would know what to do even without orders.

Thus, a butler being asked whether he knew mind reading was the best praise.

The young master laughed. He said jokingly, "You don't, but I do! Let me guess, you are very happy right now, right?"

…….Seen through again? I am definitely expressionless, am I not?
After being seen through time and time again, I hesitated for a moment but I could not help myself but ask, "Young master, Charles should be expressionless correct? But, it seems like you can see through some of my emotions. How can this be?"

The young master considered for a moment, then said slightly uncertainly, "Wuu, should I say that I did or not? Normally, your eyebrows and the corner of your mouth would line up . When angry, your eyebrow would rise three degrees, and the corner of your mouth would turn down two degrees. When happy, the corner of your mouth would rise three degrees, and your eyebrow would round slightly."

"Ah," the young master looked at me. "Right, and when you're in disbelief, your eyes would widen 0.082 centimeters. When confused, your head would tilt to the side five degrees……Charles, right now are you are both in disbelief and confused?"

Young master……Your "expression-reading" ability is so high. Perhaps you are more suited than anyone else to be a butler.
The young master continued to stare at me and,"expression-reading", said, "When troubled, eyebrows would squeeze to the center slightly, and the center of the brow would decrease by 0.2 centimeters."



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