Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Years! And welcome, Lionel!

Happy New Years everyone! Hope that 2013 will be a great year for all of us. Any new years resolutions, anyone?

With the coming of the new years, I'd like to welcome a new translator, LIONEL to the team. You may or may not have noticed, but he was responsible for the translation of the release just now of [No Hero] 1.6- Stand Up Hero! (part 1/2). So send the gratitude and love and cookies his way. :)

Also, I had originally hoped to get that surprise I mentioned ready in time for new years, but since I'm back to work now, it's going to take a bit longer than I had hoped. It'll  be a little secret project going on brewing in the shadows until I get some time to finish it up.

Hope everyone will have a great time in 2013! :)

~ Asmodea

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[No Hero] 1-6: Stand Up Hero! (part 1)

 Dear Father,

You had once told me that when the master is wrong, discreetly reminding him of this is also a butler’s duty.

However, when even I cannot determine what is right or wrong, what should I do?

“Tell the situation to the young master, then let him choose his own answer.”

I found the answer in the notebooks you left behind. Thank you, my venerable father.


"In the end he wasn't a true hero……"

Even though I would not rely on heroes, I still considered heroes to be a wonderful existence. Everyone who had watched an old superhero movie would know that heroes would fall, but they would always stand up once more. This was the most captivating point about heroes: they would always stand up again and give the world hope from amidst despair.

However, Dark Sun had fallen--and left despair behind.


Tencha appeared almost mad, constantly calling out for Briar. I think that that was probably the girl's name. If it weren't for the three bodyguards that had simultaneously grabbed him, perhaps he would have long since jumped down from the building to look for her.

"Captain, please don't be like this. Our brothers have already run down to look."

"Calm down!"

Although this was what a few bodyguards had yelled, their expressions were not the slightest bit calm, only filled with despair. Vale's eyes were even red, and he was only just slightly calmer than Tencha.


Sunday, December 30, 2012


To prevent the reocurrence of the prior fiasco of releases going on hiatus because the sole translator was killed by a never-ending workload and the changing tides of what is otherwise known as "life", this lowly revenant is now humbly seeking comrades in arms for translation and proofreading.

Previously that there had been some wonderful souls who had so graciously offered to help with proofreading, and another person has offered to become a translator in the blog chat as well. To them and anyone interested in contributing--Any help would be greatly appreciated! More people helping would make the translation much, much, much faster--and would also lower the possibility of another tragic incident of "Translator's Brain Explodes From Overwork" of repeating. Plus, translation gets pretty fun as well, and I have to say my Chinese (as well as my English) has improved many times over from the practice. 

I'm willing to help train or provide suggestions on translation, but I'd like to make sure that there is at least a sufficient basic ability to start with. I will provide a sample text to translate for those interested in becoming a translator. No worries, it'll just be a short part, promise! ;) 

Basic proficiency in English and English grammar is the only prerequisite for becoming a proofreader. To test this, I'll have a sample of a short passage to proofread for those interested in becoming a proofreader. You won't only be looking for errors though; if you see anything that can be rewritten in a better way you are free to make changes as well.

Unfortunately my old email ( seemed to have been overflooded with spam and inactivated for some reason or another....I really do not know why or how, but somehow my account seems to have been hacked. My new email address is, so please feel free to contact me if you're interested. 

P.S. Also, look forward to a surprise to mark the new years. :)

Happy holidays everyone~!


[No Hero] 1-5: The young master to protect to the death (part 3)

Solitary Butterfly suddenly stopped and opened her arms high as if she were trying to embrace the sky. Just at this time, the girl fell into her embrace, hard; the impact forced the latter to fall flat onto the ground with the girl on top. The two paths had intersected, but everyone's hearts were yet to settle down…….

The girl was the first to struggle up. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with her.

She succeeded!

Seeing this, everyone finally let go of the breath they had been holding--even from inside the news station came the sound of breaths being let go. Almost madly, the news reporter reported, "She caught her, Solitary Butterfly caught the hostage!"

The bodyguards started to cheer. And at the announcement, Tencha dropped to a seat onto the floor, his face coated with sweat.

After the girl stood up, she anxiously looked down at Solitary Butterfly. The latter struggled half upright with obvious difficulty, but she still smiled and reached out to ruffle the girl's hair. Obviously, both of them were safe and unharmed.

"Farewell, heroes!"

A bandit's bellow suddenly came from the news broadcast, but at this time the camera was still focused on the scene with Solitary Butterfly and the girl, so the bandit's actions could not be seen.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

[No Hero] 1-5: The young master to protect to the death (part 2)

During this period, I saw the appearance of that black silhouette. He was a man with wings and wore either a mask or visor obscuring his face so that his features couldn't be seen; he was carrying another person at his chest. If I weren't mistaken, it seemed to be a young girl.

No human or non-human would carry a young girl when looking for trouble. That person doesn't have any ill intentions.

After seeing him get hit by the energy beams and fall out of sight, I let go of a long sigh. "Truly regretful."

"What did you say?" Tencha heard what I said and turned around to look at me.

"Nothing." I wavered for a moment, but nonetheless decided not to mention the young girl. Since they've already been shot down, saying anything now would only cause more pain.

"Captain! It's bad!"

 While yelling loudly, a body guard ran in a flurry to Tencha's side, almost stumbling on the way over. He was much younger--judging from his face, he was at most thirty or so old. Although it was unclear whether it was dyed or natural, his hair was a unique light gray color.

And his voice…He seemed to be the one that had just reminded me to go clear the toilets.

Tencha scolded, "What are you panicking about, look at you!"

Return from hiatus

And from the dead, I have returned.

Sorry guys for the long hiatus. Let's just say that this year has just been way too hectic and leave it at that.

I didn't mean to leave this hanging for so long, but I've finally have some time to come back to this for now. Finally some time to get back to my favorite Charles and Dar! :)

Unfortunately, I'm still probably going to be very, extremely busy in the future, so this may be a bit difficult, but I'll try to keep releases relatively steady. No promises though! I'm doing this only on the side, so when life takes over unfortunately this will go on hiatus for however long that takes. On another note, the good news is that I now have all seven volumes of the novel that have come out so far, so I can (eventually/hopefully) translate them in the future. It gets a lot better, so I'll try to keep my patience with finishing up the first volume, I promise! 

Will be posting up another part of chapter 5 up shortly, but in the future I may have to break the chapters down into fourths or even fifths so that they're in manageable chunks. I posted a lot of chapters before in pretty big chunks, but it really takes too much time to do that much all at to make releases faster I will be breaking it down into smaller pieces.

Happy holidays everyone!

~ Asmodea

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Me and deadlines don't go well with each other...

Sorry guys (again)! I really fail at keeping to deadlines, and I just started a new job so... :'D

I'll make no promises on a steady release schedule from now on, but I'll definitely do my best to keep to one update a week. The next updates will be this week for sure!