Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wah~! Apologies for the lateness. :'D

Aiyah! Sorry guys, this time's update was a few days late..... (A few days? More like four days late...) 

Anyhow, I've posted up this time's No Hero chapter 1-4 part 1 up, and I'll try to get part 2 up later tonight. I'll have to see though!

As for Eclipse Hunter, I'm applying to be a translator now, so for now I'll not be posting any EH chapters until I hear back from them.

Oh, and if Odd Squad really is going to pick up Eclipse Hunter again, I very well might pick up another series (since my workload would lessen considerably.......). So keep polling! I may put up the summary for another of Yu Wo's series, Gong Hua (公華) for polling as well. I have a feeling the release pace for EH will be slower, but then there won't be double work being done.  But this is all still just tentative, so feel free to leave your opinions! :>


  1. applying? awww no please dont. i rather read yours rather than oddsquad. i dont mean to bash but for some reason i find individuals that work alone release more than groups. i can name three people that are half way done when the groups are still on the beginning. working in groups can be problematic when it comes to novel translation. srry but i wanted to say these words for months.

  2. That is true. Individuals work faster than group but there are perks in working in groups and that is quality. There are a lot of proofreaders and editors that's why. But as far as getting the story across, I prefer individual work. But if you're really firm in your decision of applying and get accepted then congratulations! Good for you~! If not do you mind continuing? Please think about it :D

  3. Asmodea, thanks for your hard work!

    Begging: put your releases at MangaUpdates, please...

  4. Does proofreading and editors really matter that much? I mean it's not like you're going to be graded or punished if your work isn't perfect! Everyone makes mistakes in writing even if you looked over many times. That's why I'm sure any reader would be happy to point out any mistakes you may have made. And as for individuals I also support them, that and I hope that if you get delayed, you would let everyone know before hand instead of letting your readers sit and hope like so many groups. That just abandoned their projects without so much as a word to their readers.

  5. tnxs for your nice translations!! hope things go well with working with oddsquad (i also translate and also proof read so i know how time consuming it is working by yourself and the benefits of groups XD), but if things don't go the good way don't worry we still love your translations!!! ;)

    btw, 4 real? you are posting the next part later tonight? wow!!! really fast!! keep the good work!!! =D

  6. oh! and if you want a proof reader i can be of help if you want! =3

  7. thanks for translating! :D love the action part., and i wonder who's that dumb hero-in-training?

    BTW can i make a request? my curiosity is killing me and i've been waiting and checking for it ever since your last post, and your application might take some time so, can i ask if you can finish the 2nd part of EH's demon friend? please? pretty please? :)

  8. I came to read this like a second go just to find you won't keep on this one... how sad :(

    But if you are joining a group and that makes you happy... Good for you, I guess... thanks for what you have done so far, but I agree that people working alone tend to be a lot faster, so for that reason I kind of got happy when I came to know this place...

    Anyway, that's up to you, thanks again ^_^

  9. hey i've cheked up on oddsquad scanlations...where you accepted?...though i did read the translation there, it seems... i definitely like yours the best!!...but if you are happy working in group (and makes your workload tinnier) i'm also happy for you =) keep the good work!! i'll be reading, commenting and rooting for you here!!! (ps. i'm of not much help but if i can be of any help to you.... maybe i can proofread for you....i mean...if you are ok with it)

  10. Are you going to continue translating No Hero?
    It's already been two weeks since the last update. I don't want to get my hopes up only to have it dashed again..
    Could you at least tell us when you will likely to update? (Or, gods forbid, if you won't update at all?)

    Thanks lots and lots for the translations so far!

  11. Sorry for my absence guys. :'D Been busy the past few weeks! I'm posting today (within an hour or so, really), and I've put up a formal release schedule (one release every week, at a minimum). Sorry for making you all wait!

    @Storyteller: That would be great. :'D What is your email address? Go ahead and email me and we can talk things over via msn or AIM!