Sunday, December 30, 2012


To prevent the reocurrence of the prior fiasco of releases going on hiatus because the sole translator was killed by a never-ending workload and the changing tides of what is otherwise known as "life", this lowly revenant is now humbly seeking comrades in arms for translation and proofreading.

Previously that there had been some wonderful souls who had so graciously offered to help with proofreading, and another person has offered to become a translator in the blog chat as well. To them and anyone interested in contributing--Any help would be greatly appreciated! More people helping would make the translation much, much, much faster--and would also lower the possibility of another tragic incident of "Translator's Brain Explodes From Overwork" of repeating. Plus, translation gets pretty fun as well, and I have to say my Chinese (as well as my English) has improved many times over from the practice. 

I'm willing to help train or provide suggestions on translation, but I'd like to make sure that there is at least a sufficient basic ability to start with. I will provide a sample text to translate for those interested in becoming a translator. No worries, it'll just be a short part, promise! ;) 

Basic proficiency in English and English grammar is the only prerequisite for becoming a proofreader. To test this, I'll have a sample of a short passage to proofread for those interested in becoming a proofreader. You won't only be looking for errors though; if you see anything that can be rewritten in a better way you are free to make changes as well.

Unfortunately my old email ( seemed to have been overflooded with spam and inactivated for some reason or another....I really do not know why or how, but somehow my account seems to have been hacked. My new email address is, so please feel free to contact me if you're interested. 

P.S. Also, look forward to a surprise to mark the new years. :)

Happy holidays everyone~!


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