Sunday, December 30, 2012

[No Hero] 1-5: The young master to protect to the death (part 3)

Solitary Butterfly suddenly stopped and opened her arms high as if she were trying to embrace the sky. Just at this time, the girl fell into her embrace, hard; the impact forced the latter to fall flat onto the ground with the girl on top. The two paths had intersected, but everyone's hearts were yet to settle down…….

The girl was the first to struggle up. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with her.

She succeeded!

Seeing this, everyone finally let go of the breath they had been holding--even from inside the news station came the sound of breaths being let go. Almost madly, the news reporter reported, "She caught her, Solitary Butterfly caught the hostage!"

The bodyguards started to cheer. And at the announcement, Tencha dropped to a seat onto the floor, his face coated with sweat.

After the girl stood up, she anxiously looked down at Solitary Butterfly. The latter struggled half upright with obvious difficulty, but she still smiled and reached out to ruffle the girl's hair. Obviously, both of them were safe and unharmed.

"Farewell, heroes!"

A bandit's bellow suddenly came from the news broadcast, but at this time the camera was still focused on the scene with Solitary Butterfly and the girl, so the bandit's actions could not be seen.

Solitary Butterfly raised her head to look up, then immediately jumped onto her feet, carried up the little girl, and then started running, momentarily leaving the scene shown in the camera.

A huge explosion blasted away everyone's thoughts. After a sudden, sharp beat of the heart, everyone could only watch the scene, stunned. At this time, the 3-D projection flailed so wildly that nothing could be seen; they could only hear the blasts of explosions, the sound of impact from collapsing structures, and the shrill screams.

At last, the image stopped shaking. The camera was now farther away and had changed from the scene with Solitary Butterfly and the little girl to show the entire rooftop. A large part of the rooftop had collapsed, and even now continued to crumble onto itself.

Because the two policemen had been farther away from the site of collapse, they could still hold onto the edge of the rooftop---but, Solitary Butterfly and the little girl were gone without a trace.

Despair changing to hope, then finally back to despair--this dramatic change made even myself, a vampire who had lived for over one hundred and fifty years, unable to control my feelings from constantly going up and down, let alone the humans who also witnessed this. Let alone the one who was related to the little girl involved, Tencha.

I didn't look at him. The passing away of Solitary Butterfly and the girl was already too regretful; I truly could not bear looking at Tencha's expression. I could only keep my gaze firmly fixed onto the scene.

From the hole in the rooftop suddenly came a black silhouette that flew directly to the high skies.

"What is that?" I breathed in surprise.

Suddenly, the image disappeared, leaving behind only darkness.

"Where's the image?"

"What the hell! Hurry up and turn on the image!"

Everyone started to shout and clamor. Even though their expressions couldn't be seen in the darkness, their voices clearly carried their anxiety and panic.

A refined-looking body guard snapped, "Wait, we're only changing the channel!"

When the 3-D projector once again shot out an image, the scene shown wasn't at the rooftop but at the ground. From the scene came clamor with shouts of "Look at the sky!", "What is that?", and so forth, and then the image shifted up to the sky. In the sky, a black silhouette was quickly coming down, rapidly growing larger and more clear.

After not long, it could be seen that the black silhouette had a pair of gigantic wings, and between the wings was a human shape……..


The wings landed onto the ground; between the wings was clearly a man. He loosened both hands, and the two people he had been carrying--Solitary Butterfly and the little girl--both fell onto the ground. Both of them looked up at the winged man, stunned.

Inside and outside of the screen, there was complete silence.

Solitary Butterfly studied the man. Then suddenly her eyes widened, and a question everyone was wanting to ask slipped out, "Are you Dark Sun?"

However, that person did not reply. He looked up at the sky, and in the blink of an eye flew back up to the sky with a beat of his wings. Not long after, he brought back the two police officers and landed with a much louder impact; obviously, the weight of two grown men was also a significant burden for him. The resulting bang was so loud that you couldn't help but grow concerned for his legs.

But, when he landed his knees only bended slightly before he straightened again. It seemed as if he was not particularly hurt.

At this time, I at last truly studied his features.

He wore an opaque silver visor that concealed the upper half of his face, but from the remaining lower half of his face it was obvious that he should not be too old. He had hair of a silver color unexpectedly close to the young master's hair color, but of much shorter length.

Regarding attire, he wore a red, tight-fitting shirt, plain jeans, and a pair of long boots, and gun holsters hung from his waist. Everything was identical to the rumored Dark Sun's appearance; without mistake, he was Dark Sun.

Dark Sun did not have any modified parts……apart from that pair of wings.

Those wings were definitely not natural; instead of soft feathers, the wings were formed from layers of feather-shaped pieces of metal that reflected a sharp glow when illuminated with light.

Honestly, if it weren't for those wings of metallic feathers, Dark Sun's dress could easily have been that of a normal person on the streets--completely different from the eye-attracting attire of the other heroes.

However, I think that he had no need to particularly dress up; no costume could win over the radiance of those wings.

In the scene, Solitary Butterfly had long since stood up. She walked forward and opened her mouth to ask questions, but that person seemed to not have any intention of replying. He gently flapped his wings, and his feet left the ground.

Seeing that he was about to leave, the media went into a frenzy and rushed forward. Even the image of the 3-D projector shaked continuously.


The little girl who had been so bravely quiet when facing the robbers now suddenly burst out into tears and constantly cried for her father as the media forced themselves closer.

Dark Sun seemed to have heard the little girl's cries. He stopped taking off, landing once again onto the ground. Turning around to face the little girl, he used his huge wings to block the media from coming closer, but instead they only rushed forward in an even greater frenzy, trying to take a picture of his wings at a close distance. However, he only lightly flapped his wings, and as the feathers grazed past, many camera lenses were immediately sliced off; the metallic feather's sharp reflective glow was not without reason. Only after this did the media stop coming closer.

Dark Sun slightly bent down, and only a single word could be heard.


Sobbing, the girl replied, from which only a few words could be recognized, "….on the rooftop."

Dark Sun nodded and carried up the girl. Then, as his wings opened wide and he was just about to take flight……


Solitary Butterfly yelled after Dark Sun. Chagrined, she pointed at the surrounding media then spread her hands. Helplessly and innocently, she asked, "You see? So, can you take me with you?"

"No. Too heavy, unable to take off."

Dark Sun only threw down this reply which had Solitary Butterfly's expression stiffen, then quickly took off. Startled, the girl held at his chest first yelled out in shock, but then quickly started giggling. She even laid on Dark Sun's shoulder and smiled as she waved goodbye to the media below.

In the scene, the little girl laid on the hero's shoulder as she waved farewell, accompanied by the light sound of laughter. From the people below, many hands raised up as well to wave goodbye, and although not as pleasing to the ear as the girl's, their laugher was also very clear.

One day, a hero will raise a hand and fly towards the sky under everyone's gaze.

Although this scene was touching, and even the reporter's tone was particularly warm, for me and the body guards around me, our hearts were unusually frigid……The situation was already clear without a doubt. Earlier, the bodyguard's energy beams had shot down Dark Sun and the girl, who had come to look for Tencha.


  1. NOOOOOO!!! Dark Sun!!!
    oh, wait, but he's probably still alive... because he's awesome like that.

  2. :( What a cruel twist of fate. Tencha shot his daughter down. But it doesn't matter. No one can touch Dark Sun :) Tencha even owes Dark Sun!