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[Eclipse Hunter] 2-5: Demon Sorrow (part 1)

[Eclipse Hunter]
Fifth Hunting: Demon Sorrow

The demon’s friend
Is not a friend
The friend is a demon
Please do not abandon

Daren walked anxiously, afraid that Ezart would arrive at school earlier than him. When he arrived at the place that Ezart would definitely need to pass by, he checked the time. Fortunately, it was only seven. Normally, Ezart would only pass by at around eight, so he would definitely come.

Daren had plenty of patience. He continued stretching his neck, his eyes not missing any corner as he continuously search the streets.

After waiting until eight o’clock, Daren started to become worried. Could it be that Ezart isn’t coming to class? Right, yesterday he seemed to say that he wasn’t going to come to class, but, the fighting competition did not end that late and when we were roasting meat he also said that he would come to class today…….

“Could it be that he’s so angry that he’s not coming to class?” Daren felt his spirits sinking. Should I keep waiting or should I go to class?

The battle school starts class at eight-thirty. If I go now, I could still walk over. But, if I wait another ten minutes, then I would have to fly in order to make it to class on time. Daren hesitated uncertainly.

Or should I wait until Ezart comes to class to apologize?

While he was hesitating, he did not notice that a few students had circled him, and it was only after they had already completely surrounded him that Daren finally regained his senses.

“Do you have any business with me?”

But, he was not really startled. He already recognized that these people were his classmates.

More specifically, they were also the students that had mocked him yesterday. Of course, Daren did not understand most of why they were mocking him; actually, he didn’t even understand what “mocking” meant.

“Yesterday you were very mother ***** arrogant. You didn’t even take us seriously!” a male student’s face darkened.

Daren completely did not understand. When did he not take these classmates seriously? Every time he saw his classmates he would diligently greet them; only, they would ignore him most of the time.

“What? Are you wondering why we’re brave enough to act against you?” a female classmate with rainbow colored hair said. “Che. You didn’t know that yesterday night we were also at that roast meat shop?”

“Huh? Really?” Daren suddenly understood. No wonder they said that he didn’t take them seriously; they had also been at the roast meat shop, yet he had not recognized them. That they would be angry was normal.

Feeling that it was his own mistake, Daren apologized extremely sincerely, “I’m very sorry. I did not notice you, but next time I will greet you for certain.”

Receiving an apology, the others were instead stunned. Then, the female student shrieked, “Who wants to greet someone like you! I tell you, we’re not afraid of you. Who told you to step on the big landmine of the Pestilence God [1]? We heard for ourselves that he said he was not going to cover for you. I tell you, he always means what he says. When he says that he’s not going to cover for you, even if we beat you into mush in front of him he still wouldn’t care!”

Although Daren did not know Ezart’s nickname as the Pestilence God, but, yesterday night he had been with only Ezart, so it was easy for him to understand that he had stepped on Ezart’s land mine.

He asked anxiously, “What big landmine?”

He really wanted to know what he did to make Ezart angry.

“Che!” the female looked at him suspiciously, wondering whether this geek seriously did not know or not? Still, no matter what, they wouldn’t answer him!

A few people silently exchanged glances. Even though they had heard him say that he would not cover for this brat, they were still too afraid to beat him in front of Ezart and risk his revenge, which was why they had ambushed Daren outside of school.

After exchanging glances, they slowly continued to circle Daren……

“What are you doing?”

The wall was already at his back, and Daren naturally did not like not having an escape route—even if he knew that the people in front of him were not a threat.

“Not much. We only want to invite you to a side alley to play,” one of them replied with a dangerous smile.

Daren a bit confused and a bit happy—classmates were paying attention to him, and even wanted to invite him to play!—but, he was still waiting for Ezart!

“I’m sorry. How about next time? I have to wait for Ezart today, and it’s almost class. I’ll be late.”

“F***! You really think that you can not go!” an impatient accomplice roared.

“Stop wasting your time. Punch him then pull him in!”

“I’ll start first!” another person raised his fist.

“Ezart!” Daren’s sharp eyes saw a head of crimson spiked hair, and he hurriedly called out.

They turned to look, and there really was the Pestilence God of the school. They were so terrified that they froze and were unable to move.

“Ezart!” Daren happily ran forward a few steps.

Ezart coldly took in the present situation. He didn’t think that Daren would be surrounded this quickly; he had thought that it would be after school at least. No wonder he was in a hurry to look for a protector!

“Ezart, I’m sorry,” Daren was finally able to say his apology and said extremely sincerely, “I seem to have stepped on your big landmine. I’m sorry. I don’t know what your landmine is, but it wasn’t on purpose. I’m sorry. We’re still good friends, right?”

Ezart did not reply. When he passed by, he did not spare Daren a glance; it was as if there was no one there speaking.

Ezart……Daren stopped speaking. His mind was in a mess. He apologized! Why was Ezart still ignoring him?

After the students that had been surrounding him saw Ezart’s reaction, they understood that the Pestilence God completely did not care about this brat anymore, so their courage immediately grew. They rushed up and grabbed the brat by his shoulders to pull him into the alley for a beating.

Normally, Daren would absolutely not like for anyone to touch him, but now his gaze was fixed on Ezart’s back. He had a feeling that if Ezart heard him be hit and turned back, then that means that they are friends, even better friends than before. But, if he didn’t turn……

A fist hit Daren’s gut, and the latter did not block or dodge, nor stifle a muffled cry. Originally, the half-robot Dark Sun would not make any sound even if he were to be beaten to death.

His black eyes watched Ezart, a flash of hope flashing through their dark depths. Will that roguish back stop because of him, then turn and save his friend?

The practically invincible Dark Sun was actually waiting for someone to save him; it could be called physically saving him, but, it was more accurate to say that it would be saving his heart.

He needed a friend. Someone apart from his brother and Theodore who would smile at him. Otherwise, he would never step outside the world of these two people alone.

“Ezart……” Daren said piteously, begging the other to not abandon him and reach his hand out to him.

Hearing his name, Ezart wavered.

But, he still did not turn back.

Did not stop walking.

With no hand reaching out to help him, the last ray of hope in the dark abyss of his eyes was extinguished.

Daren was pushed inside the alley, the people beside him hitting and kicking him continuously. But, were their fists more painful than his father’s hatred? Could they compare to the pain from having his bones replaced with metal, his muscles undergoing enhancement, and the following rehabilitation? Could they compare to the pain from not meeting his brother, the only one who loved him, for seven years? Could they compare to the pain of being abandoned by his friend……No! Were they friends?

They never were.

Ezart’s reply yesterday flashed through his mind.

I see.

He had never had a friend. And today after……He never will.

Daren laid on the floor, using his hands to protect his head and face as if he had been hit until he had no strength left. They were beating him so severely that it was as if they wanted him to die, yet the one who was being hit had emotionless dark eyes—and a face that completely lacked any trace of humanity.

Cannot allow them to continue hitting. If the wounds are too obvious, the master will be unhappy.

But, cannot allow Daren’s ability to be discovered……The master’s orders.


Kill! Kill them all. Then no one will know Daren’s ability!

Kill them!

“Stop! Do you want to beat him to death?!”

Ezart? The face without any trace of humanity broke slightly, revealing an expression of extreme expectation. Daren looked towards the sound’s source. That is…….


Even though he did not know why Ezart and Daren had fought—and it looked like a completely severe matter—Daren’s expression was as if the entire world had betrayed him……Would this type of person really be Dark Sun?

Erlian berated himself for his wild speculation and took a deep breath. This had nothing to do with him. He was only investigating whether or not Daren was Dark Sun; he had no need to ask anything else.

Then, he simply watched as the young boy who had called him “brother Erlian” was pulled inside the alley and as countless fists beat heavily onto that skinny young boy’s body. They looked as if they had a very big grudge and hatred towards him, beating and kicking him endlessly, and from the very beginning, the boy was like a mosquito that had been pinned to ground, weakly protecting his face and head with his arms.

Hurry! If you are Dark Sun, then these people are nothing. You can definitely retaliate.

Erlian silently watched from the side of the alley, revealing only one eye that was watching the scene inside. He could see the young man’s frail body in the center. How long can that skinny boy bear it?... Could it be that he’s going to have to watch the boy who called him “brother Erlian” be beaten to death, then use his corpse as proof that he is not Dark Sun?!

Like this, could he still call himself human?

Although “not human” is not that unusual, but do these people still count as human?

After deriding those beating the boy, Erlian suddenly felt that, as someone just watching and not helping, was he that different from them?

He rushed inside the alley.

“Stop! Do you want to beat him to death?!”

The assailants stopped, their fury reaching the skies as they turned to look at the bastard who would dare interrupt their beating!

“Like it has anything to do with you! If you care for your life, get out of here,” one of them roared with a hideous expression.

“Whatever! Wouldn’t it be fine if we just pull him in and beat him as well? Saves us from fighting over beating this brat,” another person laughed, kicking Daren again at the same time.

Seeing that Daren had been kicked again, Erlian’s face darkened, and he crooned, “You will pay the price for this!”

“Did you hear that? He said we’ll pay the price. Hahaha, I can’t stand it—I’m about to die laughing!”

They laughed themselves into a knot, almost laughing so hard that they were rolling on the ground.

Erlian pulled out two swords……More accurately, they were two sword hilts. But, these two sword hilts were not made of wood but of metal, and there was a beautiful warm blue light that danced on its surface. Holding these special sword hilts in both hands, Erlian used a simple yet effective action.

He did not move, but two energy blades suddenly extended from the hilts, the perfect, water-like blue energy so beautiful that it could only make people sigh in admiration.

“Those two energy swords……He, he’s the special class student who beat Shalian and Ezart in the battle simulator!” Some of them finally recognized him and yelled in alarm.

Erlian smiled, “Bingo! You guessed right.”

Thus began a battle with such a difference in strengths that it was almost unbearable to watch. Rather than call it a battle, it might as well be considered as one side obliterating the other; it took only a few brief moments for Erlian to cut the weapons they had pulled out into a pile of scrap pieces, and then began the administering of pain that would make anyone sympathize.

From the alley came endless cries of: “Ahhh, don’t hit anymore!”, “I was wrong, please spare me!” and other cries for mercy.

After Erlian had used his sword hilt to beat the last person down, he looked at the screaming people on the ground. After he concluded that they were wounded as much as Dari, he finally stopped. He coldly sang, “I warn you. Apart from me, Eloise—that woman with a strength that could match Ezart—cares for Dari even more than I do. If she knows that you dare to hit Dari……Heheh!”

Hearing this, those people tearfully cried, “Please spare us!”

“Che,” Erlian said coldly. “Get out of here. If I can still see you in ten seconds, then I’ll call Eloise over to continue the beating!”

The people who had been lying painfully on the ground—even the bastards that were only one breath away from dying—all jumped up and rushed out of the alley in terror.

Taking back his expression of a malicious god, Erlian looked at Daren worriedly. “Dari, are you alright?”

Daren was still sitting dazedly at the place where he had been beaten. Seeing that his gaze was fixed on the energy swords, Erlian thought that he had been scared by them. He hurriedly retracted the blades and returned the sword hilts to his chest.

“Are you alright? Dari.” Erlian squatted down, wanting to check on Daren’s injuries.

Daren considered for a moment, but then refused Erlian’s inspection.

“How about I send you to the infirmary?” Erlian let his hand fall, but he was worried. It looks like Dari has been scared into shock.

“Or do you want to go home?”

“No! I don’t want to go home!” Daren said in alarm. He did not want for his brother to see that he was injured. Brother would sad.

“Alright, alright! Don’t go home,” Erlian hurriedly comforted. “Then I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

Daren first nodded, but then he suddenly realized that he could not undergo a doctor’s inspection; his body’s differences would be immediately discovered!

“I don’t want to! I’m going to class.”

“But you’re hurt,” Erlian furrowed his brows.

“It’s fine,” Daren stood up, patting off the dust and straightening his clothes.

Erlian held his forehead in his palm as he watched Dari. From the torn places in his clothing, he could see many bruises and cuts, but, Dari did not want to go to the infirmary. What should he do?

Perhaps I should call Eloise to care for Dari? He really did not know how to care for a boy who was injured in both body and heart.

Daren picked up his backpack and also brushed off the dust, not speaking a word. This made Erlian feel that Dari was a bit strange.

Did he receive too much of a shock? He was troubled. Why didn’t he come out earlier to stop those people from hitting Dari?

“Are you alright? Dari……” Although Erlian asked this, he was already certain that Dari was most definitely not alright.

“I’m fine. I’ll go to class first. Thank you for helping me, brother Erlian,” Daren gave his automatic thanks then turned and walked towards the alley entrance.

Not only was he not alright, but he was also acting very strange. Erlian furrowed his brows and took out his cell phone to call Eloise. At the same time, he was worried about Daren and so followed him closely from behind.

Daren walked slowly to school and into his classroom. He was late, he knew.

But, in a classroom that was noisier and more chaotic than three vegetable markets combined, a late student did not attract anyone’s attention—including the attention of the teacher up behind the lectern and the students playing below.

Not even mentioning a trivial late student, even the students that had been beaten by Erlian did not attract anyone’s attention.

That is because this was class D, the rumored grazing class that would give out a certificate so long as you continue to pay tuition. Only, the certificate with a big “D” printed on top is mostly useless.

Daren neatly hung his backpack on the side of his desk then sat down. He turned, glancing at the head of red, spiky hair on the table next to him. Ezart was sleeping in class as usual, only to wake up during the practical lessons.

Daren sat at his seat, taking out his notebook and diligently paying attention to the class. He knew that Erlian had followed him and was currently outside watching in concern.

But, he did not respond to him. Right now, he only wanted to finish up class quickly then return home to find brother and Daddy Theodore.

Only they would not turn their backs on him. Only they would not leave him behind.

Daren’s hand sped across the page of his notebook, copying down every word the teacher said. But, his gaze was dazed. Copying down something that he did not even need was naturally not interesting. If it were normally, he could still talk to Ezart, even though the latter always had a murderous expression after being woken up.

Boring. Boring……

Right, he still had a toy he could play.

“Little Ai!”

Daren dug through his backpack, and as expected he found the pink love simulation game on the bottom. He immediately pressed the power switch.

A girl with pink eyes and hair appeared, pouting as she complained, “Dari is so mean! Ignoring me for so long!”

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose. Were you waiting for me?” Daren only left his right hand to continue copying notes, but his eyes and left hand were playing with his Little Ai.

There’s still Little Ai. Little Ai would always wait for him.

“Yeah!” Little Ai pouted cutely.

“You won’t……turn your back on me?”

“Of course not. Dari, what should we do now?” Little Ai asked happily. On the screen appeared a few selections: Talk, Eat, Study……

Daren cocked his head. He decided to start from the beginning and play through all of the selections once.

Erlian stood outside the window, furrowing his brows as he watched Daren inside. He seemed to be fine; after sitting down he started to write notes, and now he was playing his love simulation game.

The only difference was that he and Ezart seemed like strangers.

“How is Dari? Which bastard would dare to hit my cute Dari?!”

Although the person had not arrived, her voice arrived first. Eloise was still at the far, far end of the walkway when she started to yell, and yet her voice traveled all the way to Erlian who was the other end.

Erlian cast an eye her way in exasperation. Fortunately, class D was so noisy that even Alice’s loud voice went unnoticed. What a ridiculous class!

“He’s over there playing his game. He looks fine……”

Erlian had only spoken halfway when Eloise threw him to the side. After throwing Erlian away, Eloise took his place in front of the window, searching frantically. Only when he saw that Dari was obediently in his seat was she relieved.

“Dari looks pretty alright……”

“He is very dejected.”

She had not finished speaking when she was cut off by Eli, who was walking over slowly.

Erlian and Eloise suddenly turned around to stare at Eli.

But, Eli ignored the two of them and only “listened” briefly before saying, “Don’t turn your back on me, Ezart, never were—his heart is continuously repeating these few phrases. His attention is completely not on his video game.”

Erlian was stunned. “But, he is definitely playing his game.”

Eli cast him a look and asked in return, “Playing, writing notes, and at the same time his eyes are dazed and not looking at anything?”

Erlian turned to look. It was true. He was speechless.

“Ah, ah, my Dari. He’s not smiling anymore! It’s definitely because that Ezart bullied him!” Eloise was livid and roared, “Ezart! Come out here! I definitely need to make you pay for Dari’s sake!”

After Ezart’s name, the entire class fell into silence, obviously shocked that there was someone who would dare to challenge the Pestilence God of the school. But, when they turned to look, they realized that weren’t those three those famous ECS students from the battle simulation?

Ezart lazily raised his head with an expression of irritation at being woken up that, when combined with the dragon tattoo on his face, made him look even more dangerous. Everyone thought, It looks like a big battle is about to begin……

But, unexpectedly, Ezart only said, “Let’s fight in tomorrow’s practical class.” Then, he laid back down and continued to sleep.

Eloise was furious. She looked as if she was going to spit fire and scour the entire classroom.

Erlian only shook his head, then diligently tried to hold the almost exploding Eloise.

Of the three of them, Eli gave Ezart a look of appreciation. This person had a very honest heart; he did not have any extra thoughts apart from what he had said.

“Dari~ Sister will help you get revenge!” Eloise yelled as she was pulled away by Erlian, followed by the leisurely walking Eli.

Get what revenge? Daren watched the three of them leave. After staring blankly at them for a while, he decided to lower his head and continue playing his Little Ai.

Theodore was sitting at home worriedly for a long, long time. He had tried doing his research several times, but, after he had almost ruined his entire study a few times, he did not dare to risk it. He could only sit inside the kitchen, watching the clock as he waited for Daren.

“Haah, aren’t I the same as a father worrying about his son?” Theodore pushed the glasses on his nose, complaining, “I haven’t even married, so why I am I being called a daddy? And now I have to worry about my son’s friendship problems. I really don’t know if next I’ll have to worry about helping my son with girls……”

“I’m back.”

“Ah, you’re back……Dari!”

Theodore immediately jumped up and rushed to Dari’s side, inspecting him from top to bottom.

Good, good, looks like nothing had happened. Although he looks a bit unenergetic, but at least he did not come back with two trails of tears on his cheeks.

Daren only smiled and replied, “Mm, I’m back. Daddy Avery, I’m injured. Can you help me treat my injuries?”

“Eh, alright, I’ll help you treat……Wait! You’re injured?” Theodore suddenly realized what Daren had said. He said he was injured? The half robot Dark Sun was hurt?

Theodore was shocked for a long moment, then shrieked hysterically, “Who injured you? Could it be the modified humans who came to kidnap Devon last time? That they could injure you, were they very strong?”

But the important point was……He gulped, eyes shining eagerly. “Were there corpses? Could you give me some bodies to dissect?”

This wasn’t that he didn’t care about Dari! After all, he was still standing here, so he was just fine! Since that was the case, then of course he would have to ask about the modified humans’ corpses and take the opportunity to snatch some back before Devon goes to destroy the evidence……

Heheh, coincidentally the corpses he had below were almost already researched until they had almost been completely dissected into pieces.

Daren shook his head, explaining, “No, I was hit by my classmates.”

Theodore’s jaw dropped. After a very long time, he was finally able to squeeze out, “Your……Your classmates, are they enhanced humans?”

“They’re normal.”

“Extreme strengths? Or special abilities?” Theodore asked in complete disbelief.

Ah, Dark Sun! That was his best piece of work, taking seven years of enhancement into the strongest half robot. Even if he were given the same lab, the same materials, and the same time, Theodore was still doubtful that he could make another robot that was as strong.

Daren said honestly, “Not at all.”

“……Did they have the most modern, extremely incomparable weapon?”

“They used their bare fists and feet to hit me.”

How can this be……Theodore froze, his systems crashing and shutting down.

“Brother is almost back right?” Daren shook Theodore a bit anxiously and nervously said, “Daddy Avery, hurry and help me treat my injuries, or if brother sees……”

……the world will end! Theodore suddenly regained his senses and pulled Daren with him, rushing down to the basement level.

The house’s second basement level was Theodore’s special mortuary, also his research lab.

The first basement level was Daren’s place. The distances between the two levels were about the same as five times the normal height of a building, and the space in between was filled with cement and metal. With no floors in between, these two levels could, with some difficulty, be considered the first and second floors.

For safety, Devon had made the space in between a thickness of “if the second basement level explodes, the first basement level will not be affected.”

After opening the basement level’s big door, a vast practice room was revealed. Inside were a shooting range, a battle simulator, and two transparent exhibition cabinets on either side with different types of guns and knives displayed; even an arms exhibition would not have such a spectacular sight.

In the middle of this space filled with violence was a transparent, glass walled white room, inside of which had a variety of medical machinery and supplies. But, in the center was a pink surgical table.

Devon: A white surgical table would bring up bad memories for Dari. Use pink!

Theodore’s inner heart OS: Why pink? Wouldn’t blue work?

After Daren walked into the room, he took off the long-sleeved uniform to reveal a torso covered with bruises, then automatically laid down on the surgical table.

“How can it be so serious?”

Theodore could not have been more startled. Even after the battle with those unknown enhanced humans, Dari had not had this many injuries.

“Brother will see my arms. We should start treating from here, I think.”

Daren raised his arms. Because he had used his arms to protect his head and face, his pale arms were filled with colorful bruises and cuts that were more severe than anywhere else; there was almost nowhere that was left untouched.


Theodore furrowed his brows, then familiarly took up the needle suction machine and pierced it into the most severe bruise on Daren’s arm, letting the machine suck out the blood that had leaked out from broken capillaries underneath. Then, he used medicine to tend the wound.

Slowly, the bruise shrank from the size of a bowl to the size of a fingertip.

Daren furrowed his brows. “Brother will see……”

“It can’t be helped. No matter what, the injuries can’t be healed instantaneously.” While speaking, Theodore had a needle suction machine in both hands and was rapidly treating the bruises on both of Daren’s arms.

While working, he also shrugged and said, “Find an excuse. Just say that there was a problem with your arm, and I helped you fix it. So there are some wounds left……”

“I see. That’s a pretty good excuse.”

“Haaah, no matter how good of an excuse it’ll probably not be enough. With that brother complex of his, when your brother sees that your entire body is covered with injuries, there’s nothing to prevent him from going crazy.”

Theodore sighed with an expression of helplessness. Every time, the one who is first targeted was always him; his head was starting to become used to feeling of being held to the point of the handgun.

But, that’s strange, what was said just now didn’t really sound like Dari……

Daren pushed himself up from the surgical table, looking behind Theodore with wide eyes.

A shiver crawled up Theodore’s spine. Oh no……


Devon’s tone was wintry like frost. But, anyone who knew him would immediately know that behind the freezing frost were the blazing flames of hell.


[1] 瘟神 – literal translation is “pestilence/plague god”… Seems to be a nickname of Ezart.


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