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[No Hero] 1-4: The master's safety (part 1)

Dear father,

You had once said that a good butler would, no matter what, remain calm without changing expression so that his moods would not affect the master. However, you had never told me what I should do if not changing my expression still cannot deceive the master?

Please bless me from heaven, that from now on my emotions will not affect the young master.


When I first arrived the junkyard, there was not a sign of a single person; I could only pick an empty area that was not too messy and wait.

Today was a very clear and sunny day. Seems like they had purposely chosen a clear day, and their choice had been quite good. I felt as if my entire body was being roasted……After saving the young master, perhaps tonight’s dinner can be baked fish? I wonder how many will be needed to be enough?

I don’t know if twenty will be enough, but the house oven definitely cannot cook that many. Perhaps I should buy another big oven and another smaller oven; the bigger oven can bake the main course, and the smaller oven can bake the dessert……
I diligently tried to focus on how to become a better butler, trying my best to drive my attention away from the two words “baking hot”, but, the more I thought the hotter I felt……As expected, I should not have been thinking about ovens.
Huh, then perhaps dessert should be ice cream? Although it had just been used for dessert, since it is so hot the young master should probably want to eat ice cream; last time, he very happily finished three buckets full.
“Charles Andres!”

I pulled my attention back from dessert and looked in front of me. The other was currently standing very far from me–approximately one hundred meters away–and there were around thirty people all carrying guns. I also saw my former master, Mr. Burt, standing in the center of all of his body guards. He seemed as good as ever, and even heavier than before.

When I had been in his service, the only duty as a butler I fulfilled was helping him prepare food. The food he liked was very similar to the young master’s tastes; all foods with high energy content. Although, the amount of food he eats is still not as much as the young master……But, the young master was still only half of Mr. Burt’s width. The young master’s stomach really is a mystery.

Although I saw Mr. Burt, I still had not seen young master Daren.

I frowned and asked loudly, “Mr. Burt, may I ask where my young master is?”

Burt bellowed, “Did you think I would be stupid enough to bring him here? I warn you, Andres, my other subordinates are watching that kid. If you dare to move, I’ll immediately kill him!”

I fell silent. With one move, I jumped, practically disappearing from my original place and reappearing right in front of Mr. Burt.

I looked at him, but he still had not managed to react and only looked dazedly at me. Actually, it was not only him; none of the bodyguards in front, behind, and at either side of him had reacted even though most of them had undergone enhancements.

But, it didn’t matter how powerful or fast a modified body was—what use is it if the brain cannot react in time?

Like this, if I wanted to kill Mr. Burt, he would have died a long time ago. These bodyguards who had undergone enhancement……No matter how many it was still useless. Because their reaction speed cannot even follow my movements.

It was only after I had already had my hands around his neck did Burt respond. He looked at me with wide eyes. Although the young master also does this often, when he does it he makes others want to answer his questions. But for Mr. Burt…...*cough* Almost thought something rude.

I said softly, “I’m sorry, but I’m also not so stupid that I would follow what you say just because you use the young master as a hostage. I must tell you; if you do not harm the young master, I will let you escape here alive. But, if you hurt him, I still won’t kill you. Only, you will no longer be considered as alive. You should know that vampires can turn humans into ‘blood servants’ who completely listen to their master’s orders?”

I watched with satisfaction as I saw his courage shrink. I nodded, “I will definitely make you into that type of creature. Then, you will live forever in pain. You wouldn’t want that type of thing to happen, would you?”

At this time, his slow bodyguards finally reacted, aiming their thirty guns towards me at once. But, without Mr. Burt’s orders, they did not dare to fire.

I softly requested, “Mr. Burt, please release the young master.”

His face twisted severely in a fierce struggle, but, at the end he still yelled, “I can't release him, but, I can send you down to hell to meet him! Shoot! Kill this bastard!”

“I thought that you understood my strength.”

Mr. Burt’s reaction startled m somewhat. Although I had not used my entire strength in front of him, I should also have seemed strong enough; else, he would not have been willing to spend ten million for me to serve him when he had so many modified bodyguards.

“Of course I know how strong you are, but……” Mr. Burt roared. “I also know that you don’t dare to kill. You are a useless bastard, Andres!"

Hearing this answer, I could not help but feel amused. Could it be that, just because I resigned since I did not want to listen to his orders and kill, he thinks that I don't dare to kill?
At this time, there was the sound of a gunshot. At the same time, I raised my hand, swiping something out of the air.

"Silver bullet?"

I opened my fist, smiling slightly as I examined the silver bullet in the palm of my hand. Perhaps silver bullets were effective against vampires with farther "generation numbers", but to vampires with a "generation number" in the single digits it could hardly count as an effective weapon. The most popular energy weapon may be even more of a threat.

Mr. Burt revealed an expression of disbelief. He stammered, "You, you're not afraid of silver? How? Aren't vampires afraid of silver?"

"I'm afraid……"

I softly tilted my hand, watching as the shining silver bullet dropped to the ground. I raised my head and smiled. "I'm afraid that it touches my blood, but, first you have to make it touch the blood inside my body."

Mr. Burt immediately yelled, "Fire! Hurry and fire! Did you hear what he said? It only works when you shoot him until he bleeds!"

That I once had such a master really makes me forever ashamed!
At this time, there was a flurry of gunshots. I hesitated uncertainly for a moment before throwing Mr. Burt away. Then, I swiftly dodged the majority of the bullets. A small number of bullets I could not avoid……Battle is really not my specialty. But, there was still nothing to worry about; silver bullets could not necessarily cut through my skin and touch my blood.

The only reason why I needed to dodge was because of my clothes. Although, right now it was no longer important; three holes and three hundred holes were all the same. In conclusion, this outfit is already unwearable.

They continued to shoot blindly, but other than this there really was nothing else they could do; as I had said before, their reaction speed cannot match my own. Still, even with this blind flurry of shooting, they still haven't used up their bullets……

I couldn't help but sigh. The weapons nowadays have really improved. It's as if there are unlimited bullets.
Even though I was unwilling, I had no choice but to attack. The young master's situation was unclear, and if I wasted anymore time his life may be in danger.

I flashed behind one of the kidnappers. I was just about to hit him behind the neck to render him unconscious, but then he suddenly convulsed fiercely then collapsed. This made me very suspicious. What exactly happened?
"Hurry and stop! You hit our own people!" others yelled in a panic.

I see. I could not help but be amused. Before they regained their senses, I flashed behind another person and hit him unconscious. Then I reappeared again behind another person's back.

This person's reflexes were quite good. He realized my presence and turned, starting a new flurry of gunshots. But, I simply followed his turning movement, moving behind him once again. At the same time, I saw him shoot down many of his comrades that had been behind him. I could only hit him unconscious, preventing him from killing even more people.

Not even a minute later, I reappeared back in front of Mr. Burt. He was half kneeling on the ground, and he was already the only human who was not laying down. But really this was not completely my doing. There were only a few bodyguards who had been hit unconscious by me; most had fallen under friendly fire.

I lowered my head to look at him. I said softly, "You still do not understand my strength, Mr. Burt, or else you would definitely not have chased after me just because of that trifle secret. It really is not worth it."

Mr. Burt was just like a fish out of water……Perhaps, saying that he was like a puffer fish would be more appropriate. His mouth opened and closed, but apart from heavy breaths no other sound came out.

I surveyed the ocean of people collapsed on the ground around me and sighed. After this, Mr.Burt probably will not chase after me any more, so I probably should not need to warn him by slaughtering the bodyguards.

But, after this, a problem arose. Even when I interrogated him by strangling him, he maintained his position that he had not even captured the young master, that he had only been tricking me.

I did not know what to do. It was not as if I could not really kill him.

Perhaps Mr.Burt was telling the truth. But, I was very clear that it was even more likely that he had already sent orders to kill the young master and so, in order to save his own life, he would maintain that he had not even taken him.

I let go of the person in my hands, a feeling of hopelessness coming over me. If something had really happened to him and this master with whom I have such a good relationship had really met with misfortune because of me, how could I ever have the courage to look for another master?

Could it be that I really should just obediently return to my own castle and be a vampire served by others, and not keep dreaming of being a butler?


I was stunned. When I regained my senses, I looked around me for the person who had spoken.

He stood on top of a tall mountain of trash. Even if someone did not want to, it would have been impossible for anyone not to notice him.

Once he saw that I had noticed him, he immediately roared, "You actually hurt so many people! Villain, as a hero I will not let you go!"

So it was a "hero".
I studied him. He was dressed quite generically: he wore a mask, and he had a modified left hand. This was a place where most people would choose to modify: prosthetic arms were not as precise as real arms and could not be used for more delicate movements. Thus, most people would choose to leave their right hand and modify their left hand for extreme strength.

But he was not any famous hero. Everyone knows that the hero with the most brute strength, Dragon Peace, had a body of exaggerated muscles. He did not appear to have any modified areas, but everyone guessed that his two strong arms were definitely enhanced before, only made to be very like a real arm. Also, he had never worn anything to cover his face; only, who knows why no had found out where he lives.

The most handsome hero, Wind Origin. Although he is known as the most handsome, it is only because his body is very well built and his movements are very graceful. As for what his face looks like, no one knows because he would always wear a half face mask. His modified area is his left arm.

The only woman hero did not even need to be mentioned. This person in front of me was definitely male, not female.

The last one, the hero known as the most mysterious, Dark Sun, always wears a silver visor and has particular defining traits: he never speaks and never appears for over three minutes. Thus, he very rarely appears in the media, who can only interview those saved by him.

But this person yelled out villain from the start. He was obviously not Dark Sun.

The only possibility was Wind Origin, but, I rudely guess that this person was definitely not him. His bearing was not like that of a hero known as the most handsome; compared with this person, young master Daren could  be a prince.

Apart from these four renowned heros, others cannot be called real heros. After all, these "heros" would most likely not appear for over a few times before being killed or disappearing without a trace.

This person in front of me is most likely a "hero-in-training"? Could it be that to a hero-in-training like this, the thirty people surrounding me with guns were all the victims, and I am the villain that must be defeated?

I smiled slightly. "Isn't is slightly dangerous for a new hero to choose a villain who can defeat over thirty people?"

That person looked down at the sea of people fallen on the ground and gulped. He yelled, "Don't think that I don't know that you only made them fire on each other! You didn't defeat them all yourself!"

"So? If it were you, could you let over thirty armed people with modified bodies fire on and kill each other?"

I forced down my impatience and used my last shred of patience to explain. "I am not a villain. They are kidnappers. Not only did they kidnap my young master, they also used him to threaten me. Right now, I must hurry and look for my young master, so I must ask that you do not attack me."

That person paused uncertainly for a moment, but he still raised the weapon in his hand. It was just like a sword hilt, but from the head shot out an blade of light. That was an energy sword.

I sighed.


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