Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Surprise! Eclipse Hunter (玄日狩) translations~

Hey all!

So, to those EH fans out there (which is most of you, I'd reckon) I'll be picking up Eclipse Hunter from where Odd Squad left off, which was at volume 2, chapter 4. 

Eclipse Hunter is the series about Daren's story that comes before No Hero. The chapters before this are on the Odd Squad's website.

The chapters were a bit longer than I had thought, so I'll have to split them into parts this time.

Enjoy! :)


  1. You know OddSquad scanlations haven't dropped this, right? They've been slow for a while for RL reasons, but are picking up now. You should translate a novel that hasn't already been translated. It's a waste of effort for two groups to translate the same thing, and some people will think it as rude.

  2. lol I know. They've been a bit slow and I had some time so I figured I might as well try my hand translating it since their hiatus has gone on for quite a while. I'll stop translating it as soon as they pick it up again, lol. I've also applied to be one of their translators, but they still haven't responded so...:'D Anyways, I'll stop once they pick up and return from their hiatus. Once they start posting regularly again, I'll stop and will take the chapter down.

  3. Not really. Prince rev translates LSK and another blogger here also translates LSK. At most its just an ALTERNATE translation of the same thing. Just as long as you cite the groups that translate it as an alternative source everything should be fine right? Its just a matter of citing. Its not like you're ripping off Oddsquad tranlations and claiming it as your own.

  4. If oddsquad have not responded to your application, try sending it again.
    From the site chatbox
    "sigh if people have applied to a position and we never responded >> resend your applications, we've had problems not getting them from people"

  5. it should be alright, i think? since it's been so long already and they also translate other projects that keeps them busy, aside from their real life, it'd be nice if there are others that can make EH releases as well..

  6. it's no a waste of effort! I really appreciate your work, your translation are very good and you're fast! Please don't stop even if odd squad starts translating it again!

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