Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Summaries of GOD and No Kill

A bit late, but as promised here are the summaries for [GOD] and [No Kill]:



[GOD] - Summary

What should a book's male main character be like?

Handsome and stylish?
Wrong! He looks cute and loves to act innocent!

Wrong again! His attacks sting and he loves to gorge out people's hearts.

He doesn't use XXX holy sword (randomly insert holy sword name in XXX), and instead uses a bloody snake whip to SM people.

Battle fanatic?
I'm sorry, but would love to "eat" work?

Particularly enjoy saving princesses?
This is completely true--after saving them he'd make them his pets!

This, this is what kind of male main character?

This type of person as the main character~~A mess, this story is a mess from the beginning!

[No Kill] - Summary
An assassin who has sworn not to kill--Legolas--has fallen into another world while being pursued. In this messy, undisciplined world, can Legolas continue following his oath?

The world's laziest person--Kyse--fortunately or unfortunately picked up an assassin who doesn't kill. What crazy script will a lazy person and a former assassin bring out? The world's last hero? A righteous fighter against evil Golden Mask? What kind of weird thing is this? Wasn't our main character the icy and handsome not killing assassin Legolas? Oh, oh, oh, heavens. Don't tell me that such a stereotypical righteous Golden Mask is.......In conclusion, this is a story of a jaded assassin + a lazy person who would not lift a finger so long as he could help it. The story is just on the first page.

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  1. God reminds me of Dark Sun gone rogue. Lol Legolas ;p Are you sure it's Legolas? Cause if it is, its awesome!!! Are the novels finish, how many volumes and who are they by?