Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Eclipse Hunter] vol 2 character profiles

[Eclipse Hunter] Volume 2 Character Profiles

Identity:Elite Combat Section (ECS) student
Personality:A lively girl who loves beautiful men and women
Appearance:A pretty girl with red eyes and short pink hair
Weapon:Two gigantic ball hammers
Catchphrase:「Dari~ You're really so cute!」

Identity:ECS student
Personality:An easily unnoticeable block of ice
Appearance:Light green hair and silver-eyed ice block
Weapon:Throwing knives & mind-reading

Identity:ECS student
Personality:A tiger with a smile on the surface only
Appearance:A warm and kind big brother with chestnut brown hair and blue eyes
Weapon:A pair of energy swords
Catchphrase:「Wah!(exaggerated sigh)Is this for real?」

Identity:The right hand of the Solaris emperor; also the all-capable secretary
Personality:A Zhu Ge Liang [1] who is likely to bow and exhaust himself do death
Appearance:A diligent face with black hair and blue eyes
Catchphrase:「Yes, as you say.」

☆Leon Baylian☆
Identity:Leader of the Lunaris Corporation
Personality:Abnormal and unreasonable
Appearance:A beautiful and glamorous Chinese man with purple-black hair and gold eyes
Weapon:Energy whip
Catchphrase:「Devon, you will be mine one day!」


[1] Zhu Ge Liang was a famous advisor of Liu Bei during the era of the Three Kingdoms


  1. Thanks for doing the Character profiles :) Now I'm less confuse and don't have to flip back and worth trying to remember whose the mind reader and whose the smiling person.