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[Eclipse Hunter] 2-6: Demon friend (part 1)

[Eclipse Hunter]
Sixth Hunting: Demon friend (part 1)

Demon does not give up
Looking for companionship
Human does not give up
And becomes a demon

As usual, Ezart arrived at school not long after the bell rang and lazily slunk into the classroom. The noisy classroom immediately quieted for a few seconds when he arrived, judging that his expression seemed to be as usual.

Then, the chaos continued.

He leisurely and slowly walked to his own seat, casually throwing his backpack to the side and preparing to begin what he must do every day in class: sleep.

But, this time, the one who had already long since sat in his own seat, Daren, suddenly stood up and slammed both hands on top of Ezart’s desk, stopping the latter from sleeping.

Ezart coldly raised his head and glared at him.

The classroom was again struck into silence. Every student had their mouths open in a gape as if they had seen a ghost during the day, and one after another slowly froze in the middle of what they had been doing.

“If you don’t move your hand from my desk, you had better prepare to be sent to the hospital,” Ezart said coldly.
But, Daren was not scared away by his cold tone. Instead, he said firmly, “Ezart, come with me for a moment. I have something to ask you……And I also have something to tell you!”

What’s this idiot up to……Ezart looked over Daren suspiciously. Does he really think that I won’t hit him?

Daren seemed to have realized what he was thinking and suggested, “Let’s go to the roof. After you hear what I have to say, if you still want to hit me you can hit me as much as you’d like!”

Ah, so he’s already prepared to be hit? Then, his courage is deserving enough for me to listen to some useless words. Ezart stood and said frankly, “Alright, let’s go to the roof.”

After hearing what Ezart said, Daren felt as if he had let go of a big breath in his heart. He really had been worried that Ezart wouldn’t even be willing to go with him!

Ezart still walked lazily and roguishly after Daren, only, when he stepped out of the classroom he turned to face the class and lazily said, “Whoever dares to follow and eavesdrop should best prepare to be sent to the hospital like him!”

The two of them thus left the classroom; one in front and one in back, one hurried and one lazy.

After a very long while, the shocked people in the classroom finally regained their senses. Someone dazedly said, “Didn’t think that that nerd actually has such presence……”

The rooftop was empty without the sign of any people. Of course, that was because that this was currently class time, and furthermore this place was not somewhere that students were allowed to go.

After Ezart had followed Daren here, the latter had not done anything apart from letting go and dropping his backpack onto the ground, not even turning around to face him. He only dazedly stood at the same place without moving.

Just as Ezart was finally losing his patience, Daren finally said, “Ezart, I don’t know what landmine of yours I stepped on.”

“I also don’t know why you are angry, why you don’t want to walk to and from class with me, or why you don’t want to talk with me.”

Daren suddenly turned around, his eyes determined as he yelled, “But, I don’t want to do this anymore! I don’t want to end my relationship with you like this. I want to be friends with you, sit together with you, walk to and from class together, eat together, talk together, and eat midnight snack together as good friends!”

Hearing this, Ezart was struck speechless, but he still said, “Are you an idiot……”

Daren’s expression gradually changed, the expression of the determined and childish geek disappearing entirely, leaving behind a face without any trace of humanity. With only this change in expression, the doll-faced Daren immediately changed into the terrifying yet beautiful Dark Sun, handsome yet deathly cold.

“Oy! Dari, what are you doing?” Ezart asked, startled.

With one move, Dark Sun ripped open his student uniform, revealing the red shirt and tight jeans he wore underneath. Then, he bent down and reached inside his backpack, taking out a silver visor that seemed to made of rubber…….

After putting on the visor, he said emotionlessly, “Didn’t you always want to fight with me? Let’s fight now then.”

Dark Sun!

Dari that idiot……is really Dark Sun?!

Damn! What is the current situation? Ezart completely could not react, only watched, stunned, as the childish Dari became the mysterious and strong Dark Sun.

But at this time, Dark Sun automatically attacked. His punch went towards him, but the speed was not too fast; its purpose was only to remind Ezart that the fight was beginning.

However, because Ezart was still in shock, it was not until the fist had almost come right in front of him did he finally react, barely managing to avoid it in time.

“My name is Dark Sun. Currently nine years old.”

What? Ezart dodged another of Dark Sun’s kicks.

“I am the modified human made when Daren Solaris had been locked inside the research lab when he was seven.”

Daren Solaris……? Wasn’t it Daren Avery? While Dark Sun was speaking, Ezart dodged another few punches and kicks. He was already more and more confused. Was Dari and Dark Sun the same person or not? How come they sounded like two completely different people?

“Dark Sun is the ultimate bodyguard that specializes in combat, only listening to the orders of the master, Daren’s brother,” Dark Sun’s voice was cold and flat, as if he were simply reporting a situation rather than talking about himself.

Ezart couldn’t stand it any longer. He yelled as he dodged a heavy punch, “Then Dari? What is Dari then?”

“Daren is…….a normal boy who was locked away by his father for seven years before his older brother saved him. Does not understand anything and only wants to follow what his brother told him: to become a normal boy, go to school, find good friends, and be happy…….”

At this time, Dark Sun’s hit the ground hard, leaving behind a ditch in its wake……

“But, he does not feel that going to school is fun at all.”

“The only time he is happy is when he walks to and from school with Ezart. And his happiest time was when he and Ezart ate midnight snack together.”


Ezart still had not had time to think over what had been said when he was hit directly by one of Dark Sun’s punches. Although Ezart’s body was strong and durable, he was still not able to deal with this punch lightly……It was so painful that he bent over, unable to dodge what Dark Sun will do next.

“What is your big land mine? If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you.”

Dark Sun’s nails on his right hand suddenly extended, and his dark eyes were emotionless. As long as Ezart refused, he really would attack and kill him, kill this person who would make Daren unhappy, which went against the master’s order to “be happy.”


What is up with those nails? Ezart hugged his stomach, half kneeling on the ground. And how in the world does Dari’s thin arms have such strength?

But still, these type of questions can wait till later. The important point right now is: Dark sun is walking over—and he obviously really will kill him.

But…….Dari really hadn’t wanted to use money to make him protect him. Ezart was completely certain about this point. With this type of strength, who would have the ability to protect him!

“Not telling?” Dark Sun had already walked in front of Ezart. Emotionlessly, he concluded, “Then I’ll have to kill you.”

“Dari, you idiot!” Ezart growled.

Dark Sun paused.

Ezart slowly stood up, pretending not to see those deadly nails as he spat a mouth of blood to the side. Then he bellowed at Dark Sun, “Who would give money to a friend! Friends shouldn’t talk about money; do you understand!”

“Don’t……understand……” Dark Sun’s cold expression immediately disappeared. Daren took off the visor, revealing a dazed and confused expression.

“Dari? Is it you?” Ezart asked a bit uncertainly. From the expression, it seemed like Dari that idiot was back.

My god! He would rather see Dari’s dazed expression than see the corpse-like Dark Sun.

Daren nodded. In a wronged tone, he explained, “Ezart, you’re angry because I wanted to give you money for tuition? But, but, I only wanted to help you. As long as you have money, you wouldn’t have to fight in the arena you don’t like, right? Why did you get angry instead?”

Ezart helplessly buried his face in his hand. Did this bastard come from a mountain ditch…….Wait, from what Dark Sun had just said, Daren had been locked away by his father since he was seven?

“When were you saved by your older brother?” Ezart asked.

Daren cocked his head as he counted, then replied. “One month and eighteen days ago.”

Locked away since he was seven until only just over a month ago……Ezart understood why this bastard was this clueless about relationships. He was still a kid!

God! I actually had a mature argument with a perhaps not even ten years old kid?

Once Ezart thought of this, he suddenly had an urge to bang his head against the wall.

“Why did your father lock you away? Also, what’s up with your nails? What in the world is Dark Sun? Are you two the same person?”

He sat on the ground slightly weakly, straightforwardly asking all of his questions for clarification to prevent another big misunderstanding from happening in the future.

Daren carefully evaluated Ezart’s expression. Did he…….forgive him?

But, Ezart only had a lazy expression that did not give anything else away. He could only ask directly, “Ezart, are you not angry anymore?”

Angry at a ten year old kid? A weird expression appeared on Ezart’s face, and he replied awkwardly, “I’m not angry. In the future, don’t say that you’re going to give me money. I hate it when people want to buy me with money.”

“Ah……Then I won’t give you money.”

Daren was happy again, but he was still slightly worried. Although Ezart had said he wasn’t angry, he also did not say that they were friends……


“Then, can I walk to and from class with you?”


“And can I talk with you?”


“And, and, can we eat midnight snack together?”


“Then are we good friends?”

Ezart suddenly sat up, originally having the intention of teaching this bothersome bastard a lesson, but, as soon as he straightened, he saw Daren’s pair of extremely expectant eyes……

This kid……Ezart could only helplessly reply, “Yes, yes, yes! Alright? You’re really annoying! Can you hurry up and answer my questions?”

Daren was so happy that he wanted to jump up and yell in excitement. It was really too great. As expected, Eloise had been right; as long as you tell your friends everything, you can become good friends! Ezart is his good friend!

Just as he was thinking about where to go with Ezart for a midnight snack, his head was hit by a mallet fist, followed by the sound of Ezart’s teeth-grinding voice, “Are you going to answer or not?”

Ah, ah, oh no, Ezart’s angry! Daren hurriedly started to explain about the past, “Fa-father he hates me because mother died when she was giving birth to me……”

Ezart laid down with his head propped up on his hand, listening as Daren told him his past as if telling a story…….

“……at the end, brother saved me, and I started living with brother and daddy Theodore at home.”

Ezart was silent for a moment before asking, “Does your brother really care for you? He hasn’t used you like a robot body guard?”

Daren said straightforwardly, “Brother cares for me the most, and he hates it when I become Dark Sun. Last time, when I went to save him he even got angry!”

“Well,” Ezart said, “then that’s good……”

“Dari! Where are you? Ezart that bastard didn’t bully you did he~~My Dari!”

The two people on the roof immediately revealed a weird expression. Only Eloise would have this type of voice that could be heard from over one hundred meters away.

Ezart glanced at Daren’s clothing and reminded, “Your outfit!”

Daren looked down. He was still wearing a red tight shirt……Oh no!

At this time, Eloise’s heavy yet fast footsteps were already almost at the roof. Daren hurriedly picked up all the clothes on the floor, but it was already too late to change. With no alternative, he could only pick up his backpack as well then hide behind the water tower.

Daren had just hidden behind the water tower when he remembered Eli’s mind reading ability. He immediately switched back to the emotionless Dark Sun.

Eloise slammed open the door to the roof with a hard crash, charging in like a malicious god as she roared furiously, “Ezart! I won’t allow you to bully Dari~~”

Ezart lazily propped himself up, “Why would I bully him?”


Eloise only just now took in the surroundings. Weird! How come there was only Ezart? She had clearly heard people in D class say that Ezart and Daren were arguing on the rooftop! Just thinking about it the result was obvious: Dari who was so cute, so gentle and weak, so innocent and naïve—how would he have a chance to beat that brutish bastard Ezart. Nnnnn! Who knew if Dari’s cute face has been beaten into a meat bun……

“Where’s Dari?” Eloise asked.

At this time, two other people finally crawled up behind her: Erlian and Eli.

“Eloise, I think Ezart probably wouldn’t hit Dari. Don’t be so forceful,” Erlian said with a warm smile.

But, your heart is even more full of fury than Eloise……Eli thought silently at the side.

“He went home,” Ezart said casually.

“Liar!” Eloise said reflexively, and she even demanded, “Your classmates clearly said that you were talking with him here. Why would he go home……Could it be! You couldn’t have thrown him off the building! Heavens, my Dari!”

After she finished speaking, she charged to the roof edge, lying down on the railing and looking down to search for the scattered pieces of Dari in her imagination.

“Then, can you please tell us where Dari is? Hmm?”

The smile on Erlian’s face seemed to thicken, and he asked very warmly and politely. But, at the same time, Eli who was at his side consecutively backed away several steps as if he could not bear to be close to Erlian.

Ezart slowly stood up, and he replied impatiently, “I said he went home, do you understand or not!”

Erlian’s hand slowly clenched into fists. He slowly asked word by word, “Where is Dari!”

Unfortunately, Ezart was not someone who could be threatened. He laughed coldly, but still did not take back what he had said, “Went home.”

Erlian’s smile concentrated further, but his smiling face did not give anyone any happy feeling—only the feeling that a terrifying storm was coming. Carefully examining further, one could see that both of his hands were already on the hilts of both his swords.


  1. o.O That was fast. Oh Dari you should have at least found someplace more secretive or at least confronted him after school. Why do I have a feeling that Dark Sun would be needed? Oh I hope they don't find out Dark Sun is Dari, it would be more fun to leave them in the dark..

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