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[Eclipse Hunter] 2-6: Demon friend (part 1) -2

[Eclipse Hunter]
Sixth Hunting: Demon friend (part 1) - 2

“Erlian he……” Eloise was terrified. She had never seen Erlian be so different from usual. Wasn't he supposed to appear calm and intelligent?

Eli backed many more steps away from Erlian, explaining to Eloise. “Before, he was very worried about Dari, but now he is very angry—no, livid!”

Livid?! Eloise turned to look at Erlian. The latter’s smile had thickened to……a very terrifying level. Unknowingly, she consecutively backed away many steps until she had already backed up to Eli’s side—she only barely didn’t duck behind the latter’s back to hide.

“Erlian really looks scary. I’ll leave Ezart to him; I should go look for Dari.”

After Eloise gave her conclusion, she immediately turned to leave……Ah!

“What are you doing Eli? Let go of my collar. I’m going to go look for Dari……”

“You want to run away right?”

After reaching out and grabbing Eloise’s collar with both hands, Eli slowly turned his head, half of his face hidden in shadow as he asked coldly, “You want to leave me behind to deal with an out of control Erlian alone?”

“……” Eloise could not even say a word in denial.

“Don’t forget. We are battle partners. Do you want me to give you wrong directions in battle from now on?”

Eloise’s face fell, and she screamed piteously as if the world were about to end, “Nnnnn, Eli, let me go! An out of control Erlian is very strong and very scary; I don’t want to stay! Save me!”

An out of control Erlian was very strong and very scary?

Dark Sun was hiding behind the water tank. Originally, he had planned to jump down from the building and leave. After all, Ezart had lied for him and said that he had gone home, so he had originally planned to follow what Ezart said and really “go home.” But, Eloise’s words made him stop.

Was he very strong……

Dark Sun’s brain……no, it should be said the microchip inside his brain began to activate the natural desire to search for strong opponents. Unknowingly, he took one step out from the water tank.

No! Ezart had especially helped me lie, I can’t waste the good opportunity he gave me. Daren yelled in his heart.

Dark Sun’s foot slowly returned…….

At this time, Eli suddenly yelled in alarm, “Eloise, there’s someone behind the water tank!”

Almost at the same time Eli had finished speaking, Eloise immediately sent a flying kick towards the water tank; the kick was extremely powerful, splitting the entire water tank in half. Large amounts of water gushed out, and at the end the water tank fell in the opposite direction, collapsing onto the ground with a large crash.

Erlian yelled anxiously, “God, that could have been Dari……”

Eli cut him off, his eyes fixed behind the water tank, “I can’t seem to hear his thoughts……This type of person, I have only met once.”

The flow of water gradually lessened, and the smoke from the water tank’s collapse also slowly faded. A slender yet well-built body suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes: silver hair and a same-colored visor, a tight red shirt and long boots……

“Dark Sun!”

Meeting this person, Erlian laughed coldly and looked at Ezart, “Interesting! So you really did recognize Dark Sun.”

Ha! I only just knew that I recognized Dark Sun……Ezart scratched his head but did not say anything to explain. Only, how come Dari that stupid idiot hasn’t left yet? Wasted my hard effort in helping him hide his identity.

“Oy! Dari really went home. Tomorrow you’ll see him as fine as ever.” Ezart really did not want to continue getting involved with this further.

“Then why would he go home?” Erlian only laughed coldly. “It’s still class time. Dari is such a diligent student, he would not skip class without a reason.”

Ezart was struck speechless. He really could not find an excuse for an obedient student like Dari to return home.

“The young master went home because of the master’s orders.”

Everyone was stunned, looking towards the one who had spoken—Dark Sun.

“Who do you mean by the young master?” Erlian asked suspiciously.

“Young master Daren,” Dark Sun replied coldly.

Of course, his reply was not true; only a lie that he had said on Ezart’s behalf. Although there was the mind-reader Eli here, after meeting him these few times, Dark Sun’s brain chip had concluded that mind-reading cannot see into Dark Sun’s heart because Dark Sun does not have a heart–only the best possible solutions given by the microchip.

“Dari is your young master?” Eloise breathed in alarm. “Then, you aren’t a student, but the reason why you appeared in the school is to protect Dari—you are Dari’s bodyguard?”

Dark Sun replied curtly, “I cannot explain the contents of my work.”

With the strong Dark Sun as a bodyguard, even Ezart would not have any way of hurting Daren! Erlian couldn’t help but be relieved. But it was only after he stopped worrying about Dari did Dark Sun’s presence really sink in.

Ah! The Dark Sun they had been ordered to search for for so long has finally appeared!

“Eloise, Eli, surround him!” Erlian immediately regained his reason and ordered his companions.

Receiving this order, the two of them immediately responded and each stood in one corner, making a triangle with Dark Sun in the center.

From the very beginning, Dark Sun did not have any intention of moving, allowing them to surround him. After all, he had already decided to fight with Erlian.

On the other hand, Ezart who was watching from the side scratched his head. With the situation like this, should he help or not help Dari? Erlian was very strong—this he knew for himself—but, compared to Dari……He wouldn’t know since he had never fought with Dari before.

In the future, he would definitely have to fight with Dari often……Ha! I didn’t think that Dari being Dark Sun would actually not be so bad!

With Dari standing in the same place without moving, he seems to want to fight with Erlian! Then, I might as well go to the side and act as the audience!

With this in mind, Ezart slunk to the side of the rooftop and leaned on the railing, leisurely acting his role as the audience.

At this time, Erlian had already pulled out his two energy swords and was in a stance that was ready to attack at any time. He passed on the message, “Dark Sun, the school’s principal very much desires to meet you. If you are willing to follow me to meet him, we can avoid this battle, but if not……Then, we will have to force you to come along!”

After finishing, Erlian was very much hoping that Dark Sun would be willing to peacefully follow him to meet the principal. Since he knew that Dark Sun was Dari’s bodyguard, he did not want to fight with him; after all, this would then be like harming Dari’s people.

Dark Sun fell silent for a moment. Then he asked, “What is he looking for me for?”

“The principal did not say specifically why……But from what I see, it should be to ask you to enter the Elite Combat Section and help him work,” Erlian replied honestly.

“Please tell him that I only listen to the master’s orders.”

Erlian sighed, “Then you are unwilling to come with us to meet the principal?”

“Yes.” Dark Sun replied cleanly.

“Then it seems that today’s fight is unavoidable,” Erlian no longer wanted to waste any breath talking. Although Dark Sun was Dari’s servant, he had already warned him that if peaceful methods did not work then they would have to solve this with battle.

“Yes,” Dark Sun replied honestly and simply.

Even if he were willing to meet the principal, this battle with Erlian still must be fought. His basic instinct was telling him to fight strong opponents and grow stronger until he could not any further so that he could fulfill all of his master’s orders……Although, Devon’s orders have never had anything to do with battle.

“How about this: let’s have an agreement,” Erlian smiled. “If I win, then you’ll have to go with me to meet the principal. But if I lose, then I’ll give up on the task. If you agree, then I’ll tell Eloise and Eli not to interfere, yet on the other hand you have to swear that you will not run away in the midst of battle.”

“I will not run. Either one-on-one or three-to-one is fine.” Dark Sun really did not care. After all, his goal was to become stronger; perhaps the result from being attacked in a group would even be better.

And losing……He had never thought that he would lose.

Erlian may be really strong, but, no matter how strong it was compared to humans only!

And Dark Sun……over half of his body had already surpassed that of a human.

But, Dark Sun did not underestimate Erlian. He could tell how elegantly and naturally Erlian held his two energy swords, as if they were only extentions of himself.

He definitely must use those two weapons often.

Although Dark Sun also had his own familiar weapon, the Death Scythe, but without planning to kill Erlian he had no need to use it. As long as he had……

Glinting metallic nails suddenly extended.

…this it would be enough!


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