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[Eclipse Hunter] 2-5: Demon Sorrow (part 2)

[Eclipse Hunter]
Fifth Hunting: Demon Sorrow (part 2)

“Brother……” Daren called timidly.

Devon neatly pulled out a hand pistol, beautifully fired a shot, and the bullet grazed by Theodore’s cheek, leaving behind a mark of blood.

This action was already shocking enough, but, the latter’s reaction was even more shocking. The one who had been shot at, Theodore, only pushed up his glasses with an expression as if he were listening to heavenly revelations. Then, he continued his unfinished treatment, continuing to treat Daren’s bruises with the needle suction machine.

“Who was it?” Devon said furiously.

“It’s only a fight between classmates,” Theodore explained helplessly, even though this explanation was difficult for he himself to believe.

“A fight between classmates?”

Devon looked at his little brother’s bruised body, and his crimson ruby eyes were filled with heartache. “Beaten this badly in a fight between classmates? Who dares to hit Dari? Could it be that porcupine head with the strange haircut?!”

“No! It wasn’t Ezart, really! He won’t hit me……” Daren suddenly stopped speaking.

Devon roared viciously, “Then who was it? If you don’t tell your brother, I’ll kill that porcupine head!”

Daren began to panic. If his brother knew which students had hit him, he was afraid that those people would never need to go to class anymore. He flailed his hands in a panic, “Brother, Dari is fine, only just a little injured. After daddy Theodore treats me I’ll be fine.”

Devon walked over, touching each of his little brother’s wounds with heartache, almost as if each injury hurt him as well.

He was really wrong. How could he let his brother be so sad……. Daren hung his head and said regretfully, “Brother……Don’t be sad. From now on, Dari won’t obediently let people hit him.”

Hearing this, Theodore who was currently treating injuries revealed a weird expression.

Devon’s face twisted, and with some difficulty managed to squeeze out, "Obediently let people hit him?"

Daren nodded halfway, but then realized that he seemed to have said something to make his brother even more angry? Not daring to continue nodding, yet also not daring to lie, Dari could only guiltily hang his head, afraid to look at his brother’s face.

“Dari, you really aren’t to tell me, your brother?” Although Devon was livid, but, the Solaris emperor was still the Solaris emperor. He immediately calmed down and said carelessly, “It’s fine! Then I’ll kill everyone in your entire class and then transfer you tomorrow.”

“No!” Daren anxiously yelled. “Brother don’t kill Ezart!”

Devon feigned worry and cocked his head as if in thought. He laughed, “Alright then. I’ll kill everyone apart from Ezart, and tomorrow the two of you can transfer to another class.”


Daren felt that this was also not right. Although no one else in his class speaks to him, but, but, he can’t just let innocent people be killed.

Brother’s mood is already good to the point that he’s smiling……It looks like he’s really planning on killing his entire class. What should he do? Could it be that he’ll have to tell brother which people had hit him and let his brother kill those students? To prevent brother from killing his entire class?

This won’t do! Those students had already been beaten by Erlian once. If they’re also killed by his brother, then, then that’s really too piteous. Even though they had hit him, but, he still did not want to see them get killed……

On the surface, Devon pretended to not care about Dari’s beating, but in reality he was still so furious to the point of his teeth grinding. Of course, he won’t kill off the entire class; if he does, then it’ll stir up a lot of trouble and suspicion, and at the end, the attention will then fall onto the only one……No, only two survivors. (Only heaven knows why Dari would like that porcupine head so much!), and this would definitely not be beneficial to hiding Dari’s identity.

Even if he were to kill them, he would still have to wait until his little brother left the class before killing.

On the side, Theodore continued to treat Dari’s wounds while glancing at this pair of brothers; one looked anxious, and the other had a small smile and a fierce light in his eyes. Who knew what kind of dark plan was stirring in his mind that would cause rivers of blood to flow……

He could only secretly shake his head. Haah! The pure Daren wants to face off Devon who has a heart deeper than a gorge; it’s like a face off between a baby and a schemer!

What should I do? There’s no way to stop brother from killing my classmates, Daren was so anxious that his eyes had begun to redden. I still can’t think of a way……Why am I so stupid?

Not only did he step on Ezart’s big landmine and make him angry, he still did not know what Ezart’s landmine was. Then, he was beaten by his classmates, yet he still did not know why they beat him. Now, brother wants to kill his classmates, yet he still can’t think of a solution……Wu!

He’s definitely a big idiot! An idiot that doesn’t know anything, ……. His eyes soured, and two trails of tears fell from his dark eyes.

“Dari, you should just tell your brother who hit you……Dari?”

Daren lowered his head, tears silently falling.

The elegant Solaris emperor gaped and panicked without knowing what to do. Should he reach out and wipe off Dari’s tears or pat his back to comfort him?

Devon suddenly became angry, angry at himself. Damn! Was he crazy? He actually used his normal scheming against Dari and made him cry—wasn’t he supposed to make him happy?

Why did he instead hurt Dari and make him cry? Devon trembled as he begged, “Don’t cry….Don’t cry, Dari. Brother was wrong. Don’t cry, don’t be sad, don’t be unhappy.”

Although brother said this, Daren could only shake his head while crying; he just could not stop his tears. Instead, after hearing his brother apologize, more tears that had accumulated began to leak out, making him cry even harder until his shoulders were shaking.

“Alright, alright! Brother won’t kill your classmates, not even one. They’ll keep living just fine……Even if they’re hit by a car and mashed into a pile of mush, I’ll have someone pull them back from hell!”

Devon pushed down his resentful words. As long as Dari won’t be sad, it’ll be fine if he had to go down to hell and pull them back himself!

“Re—Really?” Still shaking, Daren asked with his tearful eyes.

Seeing Dari’s tearful dark eyes, could Devon say no? He didn’t even have the ability to struggle. He could only nod and promise, “Really.”

“Ah, then that’s good……”

Daren wiped his tears, feeling slightly embarrassed. He was already sixteen, but he was still crying to his brother. It was really wrong of him.

“B-But, Dari……At the very least, can you let me send someone to teach those people who beat you a lesson?”

Devon very, very yearningly begged…… Just thinking that those people who had dared to hit Dari had not had any bit of punishment, his heart was almost about to explode from fury!

Daren shook his head. “It’s fine, brother. Brother Erlian helped me beat them.”

Brother Erlian……Who? To dare to steal my title of brother! Devon’s face contorted briefly.

No! He can’t be so lacking face…….With a small smile, he said, “Ah, brother Erlian—that person called Erlian (said through grinding teeth)—he definitely treats you very well, that you would call him that.”

Pu! What a strong smell of vinegar [1]. Hehehahaha……At the side, Theodore, who had his back facing Devon, could not prevent his shoulders from trembling; because he was trying to do his best to stop his laughter, his face was contorted, and his stomach muscles were twitching in a way that seemed painful.

“Yup, brother Erlian is very nice. He also saved me today.” Daren said happily. Then, his face sank slightly. Troubled, he said, “I shouldn’t have ignored him. Brother Erlian was that worried about me, wanting to send me to the infirmary and even following me back to the classroom, but because Ezart was ignoring me I was so sad that I didn’t want to talk.”

“What?” Devon bellowed. “What did that porcupine head called Ezart do to make you sad?”

Daren blinked in confusion. Then he suddenly realized he had actually said something he should not have. “Ah!”

Ah, Dari! In the future I’m never going to tell you any secrets. Without knowing, you leaked out another pile of information……In his heart, Theodore shook his head and sighed.

“It was him who hit you wasn’t it? I just knew it was him! I knew it!” Devon was so incensed that he was furiously pacing in the center of the lab. His mind was filled with not to mention eighteen but even eighty-eight absolutely forbidden and bloody plans for revenge.

“Eh?” Daren hurriedly clarified, “That’s not it! Brother, Ezart didn’t hit me. The ones who hit me were other classmates that dislike me!”

Ah, I see. Other classmates that dislike Dari? Devon narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Dari, you leaked out more information for your brother to initiate his plans for revenge……Theodore helplessly pushed up his glasses.

“Really, Ezart he, he only said that we weren’t friends……” Daren hung his head, his eyes revealing a hurt expression.

What! Being able to be friends with Dari is your fortune, yet you dare to say that you and Dari are not friends! Devon was almost about to go crazy, almost wanting to charge out and drag the porcupine head back then use all of the torture methods in his mind on him once.

“Brother! You absolutely must not bully Ezart!” Daren glared at his brother with eyes that seemed to say you absolutely must not touch Ezart, or else I’ll cry for you to see.

Damn! Devon cursed in his heart, but on the surface he smiled indulgently, “Alright, alright! Brother won’t touch him. Don’t cry.”

Was this called a point for a point? The emperor with the most power in the world can’t win over a few drops of tears, and he even smiles like an old mother bird while indulging his little brother……Theodore even more so struggled to contain his laughter until his entire body was trembling.

After hearing this, Daren was relieved. He thought for a moment then asked, “Brother, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course,” Devon replied warmly. “No matter what question, brother will answer.”

“How do you make friends?” Daren looked at his brother hopefully.

Devon Solaris, with an obsessive life of business and with only shared-interest acquaintances yet no friends for over ten years, now revealed an embarrassed and shameful expression—just because his little brother asked how to make friends.

Hahaha……Theodore silently laughed at the side until his stomach was cramping.

Devon glared sharply at the currently convulsing Theodore. “Ah, this type of thing you should ask “Daddy” Theodore!”

Theodore’s silent laughter suddenly stopped.

Theodore Avery, with an obsessive life of research and  with only relationships with people during research (normally, dead, with only a few living subjects) for over fifteen years, now revealed a stiff expression—just because his extra son who had appeared despite himself never being married asked how to make friends. And this son’s older brother was currently at the side wiping the already shining barrel of his handgun.

“Friends are……people you go eat lunch with, shop with, and so forth.” Theodore replied with difficulty.

“Ezart and I have eaten lunch and even eaten a midnight snack together. We’ve also shopped (when buying Little Ai), and even played toys together (Little Ai’s name and appearance was casually decided by Ezart, so it counts as playing toys together). But he still says that we’re not friends……” Daren revealed a hurt and confused expression, looking at his brother and daddy expectantly.

Wait! Eat midnight snack together? Devon’s expression contorted briefly. Isn’t a midnight snack usually eaten at midnight?

“Is that so? Hahaha……Then, I’ll go help you look in an encyclopedia and find out what “friends” mean.” Immediately, Theodore gloomily crawled upstairs to check the encyclopedias.

Thus, Daren’s gaze shifted back to his brother. The latter silently cursed Theodore while offering a solution, “Th-Then, I’ll have my subordinates find out how to make friends.”

After saying this, the most powerful person in the world, the Solaris emperor, also gloomily scurried upstairs after Theodore in order to hurry and find the phone, to pass this difficult question that had baffled two of the top people of completely different fields to a subordinate to worry over……

Friends are those with whom your relationship is good to a certain point. It mostly means those who are not blood related, but with whom you have a very close relationship. Friends will normally be honest, loyal, and put the other in mind first. Their gender, tastes, and interests etc. tend to be similar, and they are likely to be someone who shares activities together. They are likely to help each other; for example, such as listening to the other’s troubles and providing suggestions. According to most people, friends are trustworthy companions. (Theodore recited after checking basic common knowledge encyclopedia, but, after finishing, Daren reminded him that his brain chip already had this explanation. After this reminder, Daren anxiously prevented another incident of patricide from occurring.)

Friends are people you drink with, exchange fists with, and look at ladies with. (Devon fired a particular innocent subordinate.)

What exactly……are friends?

Daren still did not understand. He only wanted to be with Ezart and go to class together, eat lunch together, and eat midnight snack together. Although Ezart at first did not smile at him and always told him to get away, at the end their relationship had improved, hadn’t it?

While Daren walked to school, he thought over what those classmates that had beaten him had said: that he had stepped on Ezart’s big landmine. Exactly what kind of land mine?


Daren suddenly stopped and turned his head towards the one who had called him. “Brother Erlian?”

After this was said, the girl at Erlian’s side immediately revealed a wronged expression, and Daren hurriedly added, “Eloise, good morning.”

Eloise revealed a big smile and leaped in front of Daren. Like a groping man, she used both hands to hold Daren’s cheeks, even touching back and forth. Touched, she said, “Dari, you’re still so cute today!”

Daren laughed helplessly. The reason that I’m cute is because you mashed my glasses……

“You laughed, Dari,” Erlian had a feeling as if he had just let go of a breath. “That’s good. I had been worried that you wouldn’t recover because the shock was too great.”

He hadn’t thought that Erlian was still worried about him. Daren said apologetically, “Brother Erlian, I’m really sorry. I didn’t pay attention to you yesterday.”

Erlian smiled nonchalantly, “It’s fine. I know that you weren’t feeling well.”

“Dari, don’t feel bad! Sister Eloise will help you crush that Ezart!” Eloise hit her chest and reassured boldly.

Daren suddenly raised his head. He just remembered that yesterday Eloise had challenged Ezart. He started to become worried. “Eloise, Ezart didn’t bully me. He only, only didn’t want to be friends with me……” The more he spoke, the more his voice sounded hurt.

Erlian and Eloise exchanged glances, both seeing helplessness in the other’s eyes. If Dari had been bullied, then it was a simple matter of charging forward and beating them up in retribution.

But, they had no way of forcing the other to be friends with Dari right?

Oh right! Brother Erlian, Eloise, and Eli seem to be good friends. Then, I could ask brother Erlian how to make friends! Daren raised his head to look at the both of them and asked extremely hopefully, “Brother Erlian, what are friends?”

Erlian furrowed his brows. This question really did not have a single correct answer.

But, Eloise on the other hand replied very frankly, “Of course, someone you can tell anything to, can pull him along to do things with, and can drink with if you have trouble (Erlian glared at her—message in eyes: Don’t lead him astray) …… That is, can take him to eat together! Of course, if he has any trouble then he can look for me as well.”

“Do you have to be able to talk about anything?” Daren hesitated. But, Dark Sun’s matter was something he couldn’t talk about……

Erlian furrowed his brows. What Eloise said was not wrong, but he felt that saying it like this was not appropriate……

Daren dazedly considered Eloise’s “definition of a friend”. Someone you can say anything to, can do anything with, and can pull along to eat midnight snack when unhappy—this type of “friend” seems……very nice!

“Dari? Dari? Erlian, look isn’t Dari in a stupor?” Eloise blinked. “But, his dazed expression is even more cute!”

Daren looked up, his dark eyes shining in determination.

Seeing this, Erlian started to pray. Hopefully, Eloise’s words will not stir up too big of a trouble……


[1] In Chinese, there is a phrase for jealousy that, when translated literally, means “eating vinegar” (吃醋). 


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